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Comparison of the Old World Values to the New World Values in Bread Givers - Essay Example

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In his article “Bread givers,” written 1925 by AnziaYezieska discusses his view on the class of tradition values and the modern worlds. Anzia in her book also shows different migrants; Americans dreams. …
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Comparison of the Old World Values to the New World Values in Bread Givers
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"Comparison of the Old World Values to the New World Values in Bread Givers"

Download file to see previous pages Sara fought towards attaining independence and self-fulfillment. The writer chooses his title significantly because it shows how women struggle to provide for their families. Anzia writes about young girls who struggle to be independent by breaking traditions. Sara says, “The more I start to review my inner self, I do not want some day to make myself for a person and among people .” Sara father is the only man in the house and should the sole breadwinner in the according to the religion. Sara’s father ironically prefers to read Torah and believe in heavenly promises rather to work for the family. AnziaYezieska wrote even about her own life where she sacrifices for children and husband. Education and career was for men only who do not make any money. Mashah despairs as her husband makes no money and has to struggle hard to make ends meet. We see the inch-by-inch improvement of the family’s practices, just as a tidy table linen changes to be hard work’s treasured reward.
The difference between the cultural values of the daughter and the father shows how the Europeans (old world) differed from those of the United States (new world). Religious values in the two the world where different. Sara’s father believed in just sitting down and reading Toran and other Gods teaching to humanity. Sarah in the other side has seen the light has a sense of independence. Everything we get in life we must work for it and religion is the one thing that unites not separating people. Religion also did not give room for women to be part of it. “The prayers of his daughters did not count because God did not listen to women,” just as it was in these religious minds....
“What’s a woman without a man? Less than nothing. A blotted out the existence, no life on earth, just as there is no satisfaction in heaven3” (205). The American world gave a chance to women to prove they are able to do. “In America, women do not need men to boss them” (137). Sara went to school and defiled her father’s wishes so that she can be independent and free.” In America,Torah learning; here individuals have to earn a living first.” The old world also required daughters and women to get married or work for their families without getting any education. Husbands and marriages were decided by their fathers, and there was no other option but to respect it. Every daughter in the family fell in love, but their father frustrated their relationship except for Sara who chose to run away and find her independent life. The Jewish never believed in love, happiness, and forgiveness. Sara says she rather dies than to be forced to a marriage she did not want. She tells her sister “I do not want to get married. I have set out to do something, and I am going to do if even if it kills me”. United States of America gave chances to women. They went to schools, as be men and do whatever they wanted with their lives. Happiness is the priority of every American. Sara compares knowledge and love and how thrilling now it is that, she is wanted for her work but not a man. Jennifer Hochschild defines the American dream as the promise held out to each American that they get significant chance of attaining prosperity by their own effort. Anzia the author of the believed that independence was a dream of every woman. She had to defy the odds and search for independence to attain that American dream. Sara runs away from home to be free and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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