The Influence of Globalization as Exampled through the Silk Road - Essay Example

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Date The influence of globalization as exampled through the Silk Road Although it has become a buzzword of the 21st century, the idea of globalization is not a new concept. The Silk Road was an effort towards globalization within the framework of a set number of civilizations created by trade and commerce…
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The Influence of Globalization as Exampled through the Silk Road
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"The Influence of Globalization as Exampled through the Silk Road"

Download file to see previous pages The roads also provided routes for conquest and violence, reorganizing boundaries. While there was a brief period of conquest such as the Mongolian invasion, during the 13th century the majority of exchange along the Silk Road was peaceful. The Silk Road provided a pathway for journeys that can be compared to today’s globalization as the distribution of information and commerce becomes a part of a system of interactions between nations. The Silk Road was the method of creating international trade before the notion of sea travel took over as a means towards expanding resource opportunities. Through international trade, a population has the potential to acquire luxury items from a distance through trade with other centers of population. The Silk Road created a connection between nations, spanning Europe in the Mediterranean Sea area, through Persia and into China and Korea, and then down into the Java area, back through India, Arabia, down to Somalia, and then back up through Egypt, using water routes that were not too far from destinations and the shoreline. Christian discusses the vast number of roles, such as teachers, pilgrims as well as merchants that occurred through the existence of the large numbers of trade opportunities within the ancient and medieval worlds. The trade routes provided for a complete and complex world that interconnected the African and Asian worlds with Europe, creating a great deal of technological development and influence.1 Despite modern contexts of understanding about the divisions between the West and the East, with a disconnected idea about Africa as a part of the development of Western society, these trade routes created deep influences and a great amount of world development that would eventually affect the New World as it was developed in the second millennia. Palmyra and Petra, as an example, were centers of art which flowed into the lower regions of Europe, influencing the development of artistic motifs in the West. As well, the concept of coins for trade was developed in Anatolia, which spread through the Silk Road worlds, including the Mediterranean. There were a great number of types of items that were traded along these routes of trade, but the reason that they were called the ‘Silk Road’ is because of the rich resources of silk that were available. Silk was developed at a very early time period within Asia and became a highly valued commodity for trade. Patterned silks are available from the regions of Persia and India from the 6th century, located in tombs that archaeologists have retrieved and been able to examine for the methods of weaving. Chinese silks are not readily available for modern study and are known primarily through literary referencing from that time period.2 Many of the problems with studying the ancient world is that so much is dependent upon reports, rather than through physical and tangible evidence. Because many nations appeared to have mastered the creation of silk fabric after the 6th century, it is likely that increases in trade occurred after that time, allowing samples and the technology to be transferred throughout the region.3 There are a great number of examples that explain the value of silk. There is little evidence that India held it as a valued commodity, but a great number of examples that show that China believed it to have great value. Xinru ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Influence of Globalization as Exampled through the Silk Road Essay. Retrieved from https://studentshare.org/history/1445359-commonalities-and-differences-in-the-classical-and
(The Influence of Globalization As Exampled through the Silk Road Essay)
The Influence of Globalization As Exampled through the Silk Road Essay. https://studentshare.org/history/1445359-commonalities-and-differences-in-the-classical-and.
“The Influence of Globalization As Exampled through the Silk Road Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/history/1445359-commonalities-and-differences-in-the-classical-and.
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Life along the silk road ( tang dynsaty)
One of the greatest achievements of the Tang Dynasty was the Silk Road – an ancient 6000-kilometer or 4000-mile-long trading route that linked China to Rome. It was Chang Ch’ien, one of the greatest explorers of China, who initiated silk trade with the Central Asian tribes, thus leading to the creation of the Silk Road (Mon).
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The land routes were later supplemented by the sea routes with the invention of sea technology. The area separating the China from the west is not a hospitable place as a majority of the land is occupied by the Taklimakan Desert (Franck 60). The desert is characterized by sand storms, little vegetation and rainfall.
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64). Yet Hourani recognized that even before seafaring became this eminent, the transportation of goods was carried in what is known today as the Silk Road. Perhaps the most important question is why people established the Silk Road before even venturing into maritime trade.
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During early days, silk was also used as a writing material and manuscripts were written on silk cloth using it as a paper. China was in the forefront of silk trade and exported silk to many countries around the world. In fact silk was invented in China around 3000 BC.
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the influence of ecological factors in the development of culture, facilitating the study of the active interactions between ecological forces and human beings, and the identification of the causes of the stimulation of cultural exchanges and material trade along the Silk Road.
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These cultural interactions happened to occur in regions of the Asian continent and other continents such as African continent. The main theme was to connect these regions by linking traders, monks, soldiers, urban dwellers, merchants, and pilgrims from different
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