U.S Efforts to Win the Cold War - Essay Example

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Cold war refers to the continued period characterized by political and military strain. It was rather a battle of intellect and wits between U.S and its NATO allies versus the communist region, which was spearheaded by Soviet Union…
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U.S Efforts to Win the Cold War
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"U.S Efforts to Win the Cold War"

This paper primarily discusses the efforts employed by U.S in the endeavor to win the cold war. It also looks at the success of the efforts in meeting the cold war objectives. One of the techniques used by U.S to win the cold war involved economic competition.
The U.S entered in to a stiff economic competition with the Soviet Union. This was aimed at equipping the country with economic resources in preparation for any incidence of physical war. For instance, the U.S, under the leadership of Ronald Reagan, spoilt the Soviet Union oil plans. This was an articulate economic approach since the Soviet Union heavily depended on oil for industrial evolution. Particularly, Reagan “ordered all U.S. firms to break any contracts involving the Siberian dual pipeline and not to enter any new ones” (Norquist 4). This move cost the Soviet Union approximately four billion dollars.
Although there was no physical fight during the cold war, the parties involved sought to increase their military supremacy in order to have more authority in global security issues hence suppressing the enemy camps. The Reagan leadership “decided to emphasize weapons that would make obsolete what the Soviets had built in quantity” (Norquist 2). This technique worked so well since the Soviet Union had already began experiencing the burden of heavy investment on military power. The effect of this technique was twofold. First, the Soviet Union became depressed economically. Secondly, the Soviet Union could not use their military technology on U.S due to the advanced use of technology by U.S defense system. One of the least noted but very interesting efforts employed by the U.S to win the cold war was the interception of Soviet’s idea of stealing weapon technology. The Soviet were notorious in stealing technology and the U.S capitalized on this weakness. Accordingly, U.S. capitalized on these efforts by “hiring engineering firms to design defects into the technologies and products the Soviets were stealing. As attractive but false technology, defective parts spread across the USSR” (Norquist 4). This made the Soviet Union to experience heavy losses in failed projects. Most of the research projects were termed as white elephants. It is undeniable that the U.S could not have won the cold war without great thinkers. One of the strategies used by U.S involved employing the best and most experienced psychological thinkers. Some of the first members to be endowed with the task of thinking about the cold war included James Webb, Robert, Lovett, and Bedell. The think tank was one of the greatest resources that U.S ever employed towards the cold war. The members to psychological operations department contributed many ideas concerning the psychological effects of the decisions made by U.S leadership. It did not come by surprise that U.S always came out as the winner in most of the war strategies (Corke 120). One of the greatest efforts to win the cold war included strategic alliance. U.S sought to form alliance with all the stakeholders that were of benefit to the war. The alliance went beyond political alliances. For instance, Reagan formed an alliance with Pope John Paul II in order to secure the interests of Poland against the Soviets. Indeed, the U.S benefited greatly from this alliance since it gained heightened population support in most of its containment policies. The political alliances were evident when U.S articulately decided to ally Read More
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