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Compare and Assess Rawls and Nozick's Theories of Justice - Essay Example

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Compare and assess Rawls and Nozick's theories of justice. Instructor Name Compare and assess Rawls and Nozick's theories of justice. John Rawls (born in 1921) and Robert Nozick (1938) had been the two most influential and prominent late twentieth century’s political philosophers…
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Compare and Assess Rawls and Nozicks Theories of Justice
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"Compare and Assess Rawls and Nozick's Theories of Justice"

Download file to see previous pages By using social contract as a device he formulated his theory on ethical basis which has been quite opposing to the concepts of utilitarianism. He further provided justification about the concept of re-distribution of wealth based upon the individualist assumptions. This philosophical work of Rawls has been quite inspirational for both the social democratic and the liberals. He also presented his theory on “justice as fairness” that highlighted two core principles i.e. Each person is to have an equal right to the most extensive liberty compatible with a similar liberty for others (this principle reflects a traditional liberal commitment to formal equality) Social and economic inequalities are to be arranged so that they are both (a) to the greatest benefit of the least advantaged; and (B) attached to positions and offices open to all under conditions of fair equality of opportunity (this so-called 'difference principle) points towards a significant measure of social inequality According to the Rawls theory the material inequalities can only be justified when they are used to be of advantage to those who are least well-off. This theory of Rawls is well-matched to the concept of a market economy whereby the re-distribution of wealth is done in terms of tax and welfare systems that ultimately leads to disincentive to firms and ultimately turns out disadvantageous for the least well-off. The egalitarianism of Rawls is based on the social contract theory however there is also some contradiction as he starts with a very liberal assumption about humans and then gives very broad conclusion in terms of egalitarianism considering distribution of wealth as fair by the people(hawk n.d.). Robert NozicksTheory of Anarchy, State and Utopia The major philosophical work presented by Robert Nozick was in 1974 as “Anarchy, State and Utopia” in which he presented a libertarianism point of view. According to this theory he rejects the belief of those having welfare views in terms of modern liberalism however he endorsed the concept of minimal state. Nozick placed his view of justice and equality upon the idea of entitlements and rights. This ideology is somewhat reflective of the notion of distributive thought presented by Aristotle and Plato in which they suggested that the material benefits should correspond to the worth of an individual. According the views presented on rights it is believed that the inequality in material is justifiable in this way that the talent and willingness of a person to work are unequally distributed. The basis of Nozicks work is to distinguish between the historical principles of justice and the end-state principles. According to his view the needs of individuals and social equality are unjustifiable in relation to rewards. He gave the principles through which it can be found whether the distribution of wealth is just, these principles are as: 1. Wealth has to be justly acquired in the first place, that is, it should not have been stolen and the rights of others should not have been infringed 2. Wealth has to be justly transferred from one responsible person to another 3. If wealth has been acquired or transferred unjustly this injustice should be rectified According to these principles Nozick justifies that the inequality in distribution of we ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Critically evaluate Nozick's response to Rawls's theory of justice
However, Robert Nozick’s response to Rawls’ theory of justice, as established in Nozick’s book Anarchy, State, and Utopia, offer a convincing explanation of the full range of possibilities for contemporary liberal democracies on the topic of justice.
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Compare and contrast the policy implications of the theories of justice in the works of John Rawls and Friedrich von Hayek. Illu
Connin substantiates this argument by emphasising that Frederick Hayek, clearly in a quite concise and enigmatic statement, has adopted the two premises of Rawls without any doubts (Wood & Woods 1991). The argument of Connin is that, because of the ‘ambiguity’ of the difference theory and the primacy given to the first theory, left scholars have to be careful in applying the theory of Rawls to support egalitarian, and particularly socialist, distribution strategies (ibid, p.
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In A Theory of Justice, John Rawls
Emmanuel Kant considered the categorical imperative wherein one should only engage in actions as long as they could be extended to all members of society. John Rawls, in his Theory of Justice, proposed the idea of the veil of ignorance. The corollary of this approach is that, “.
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Mill and Rawls
When John Rawls published A Theory of Justice in 1971, not only did he help in reviving normative political theory but also rekindled discussions on matters relating to liberalism. According to Reynolds (1), Rawls’ book targeted the present moral and political doctrines, which is utilitarianism.
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Michael Sandel's critique of John Rawls' Theory of Justice
It is evident from the study that in order to recover from criticism of his theory, John Rawls constantly develops recasts, revises and expands his theory of justice. His works despite being criticized cannot be discarded since there are no alternative theories provided by Sandel. Rawls will be commemorated for his impartial model of justice as fairness.
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Rawls A theory of Justice
Rawls's in his book A Theory of Justice has constructed a hypothetical theory which is system based on equality that he calls "Justice as Fairness". Rawls's social theory discusses the role of institutions in a society, which aggravate bitterness creating isolation.
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Theories of Justice (Nozick's theory of distributive justice, compared to Rawls )
The goal of the Justice System is to try to resolve and satisfy all these issues for the members of society. Injustice can result in disappointment, or rebellion. The different spheres articulate the principles of justice and fairness in their own manner resulting in different kinds and concepts of justice.
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Rawls Theory of Justice
However, Rawls in concept of distributive justice goes further in hypothesizing the justice theory under the justice as fairness. The justice as fairness has two principle to drive the following Rawlsian principles of justice the first one is that the liberty principle and the second is the difference principle.
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John Rawls' Theory of Justice
It will help the individuals being governed to live in a society that is bound by common laws for the protection and benefit of each individual. Each individual therefore agrees to be bound by commonly-accepted rules and conventions in the society in return for protection from
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Compare and contrast critically the views of distributive justice presented by Rawls and by Nozick. Which is the more convincing account
Major developments in modern discourse that unravels distributive justice cannot be exhaustive without a mention of contributions by John Rawls and Robert Nozick. Positions held by Rawls and Nozick about distributive justice
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