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Evolution: Three products of evolution - Essay Example

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Evolution: Three products of evolution Name Institutional affiliation Tutor Date Evolution: Three products of evolution 1.0. Introduction The debates on evolution are one of the most contentious issues that have ever been debated upon. Other analysts argue that evolution is a mere theory that holds no tangible evidence and need s to be shunned away completely…
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Evolution: Three products of evolution
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"Evolution: Three products of evolution"

Download file to see previous pages Fleagle (2001, pp.17) indicates that, the misconceptions on evolution will remain persistent among various analysts and researchers. Though some of the misconceptions may be regarded as misunderstandings, Lloyd (2001, pp.33) advocates for a comprehensive survey on the topic prior to making any decisions regarding the theme. This essay shall aims at highlighting three products of evolution- adaptations, by-products noise- and the debates that have surrounded these themes. Changes that have taken place after the origin of life will also be discussed in the essay, in an endeavor to explain the evolutionary changes. Regardless of the debates on the origin and changes of life, the processes need to be carefully evaluated in order to have an understanding on the occurrence of these evolution processes. 1.1. Adaptations Adaptations, as a product of evolution, works on the basis that, inborn characteristics that are acquired through inheritance tend to develop through a process of natural selection. Buss (2004, pp.44) argues that, as these processes develop, they are able to solve certain problems that the concerned individuals may have undergone. These problems are related to survival issues as well as, reproductive ones. Williams (2003, pp.11) indicates that adaptation is an inherited attribute that emanates from inheritance and greatly relies on natural selection. Over the years, inherited characteristics have been credited with their abilities to tackle issues that may come up as a result of reproductive. One of the most cited examples of adaptations is the umbilical cord that is useful for survival of the baby during growth whilst in its mother’s womb. For the baby to survive, it has to feed. Feeding can only take place, in this context, through the mother. In this context, therefore, the umbilical cord can be regarded as an adaptation that suits the baby, in terms of feeding and acquiring the necessary nutrients sufficient for growth. The heart can also be cited as another example of adaptations by human kind. It is through the heart that oxygen flows through the body. The heart connects to survival, a reproductive aspect that all individuals undergo at certain stages of their lives. Through staying alive, the cycle of reproduction continues. In relation to adaptations, natural selection is the root of inventing the forms of adaptations that humans need to encompass in order, to continue to exist. Essentially it is justified to pose the claim that, natural selection is the root of all adaptations that human beings undergo. Adaptations are known for their ability to specialize on specific roles in the body; they also reappear amongst age bands, develop with time as well as portray attributes of design among generations; thus affecting reproductive in an indirect manner. Adaptations generally are all those aspects that are likely to affect reproduction, like the process of giving birth, looking for food among others (Oftedal et al, 2009, pp.49) 1.2. By-products By products, according to Robins, Pervin and John (2008 pp.34) have been described as the characteristics that are linked with adaptations so as to allow individuals survive in their environments. By products are not known for their abilities to solve adaptation problems, but simply provide assistance to the adaptive. Pollard (2000, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Evolution: Three Products of Evolution Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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