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What are important factors accounting for early human mobility - Essay Example

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At present, mobility is the basic and essential feature of human growth. It has been long ago that human being have conquered over the natural barriers by space and distance factor with advanced and modifies transportation facilities. …
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What are important factors accounting for early human mobility
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Eurasia is the collective history of distinct peripheral coastal areas that share major contribution in human development on the grounds of distinct trade routes that interconnects diversified continental masses. The various cultural, social and tradition features of these distinct regions were similar in nature because of the regular migration of people around the board and regular intersection with trading activities. Precisely, the even development on the same pace at the distant regions in religious, technological and philosophical aspects can be regarded the uniform feature of the early Eurasian civilizations.
Since ancient times China possess features that add to the strength of the country in attaining global recognition. The first and the foremost point that worth to be mentioned is the strong security (land and maritime) with rapid development of technology because of overwhelming political unity of the place that strengthened the overseas exploration ability of the region.
The steady advancement in agricultural and commercial with a strong maritime technology and policy can be regarded as the main characteristics that lead the foundation of global leadership in support of the region.
The classical period is the era between 1000 BCE- 500 CE. The Roman Empire in this era got rid of Triumverate when Octavius (Augustus) Caesar defeated Mark Antony and Cleopatara. On the onset of the first Empire of Rome Octavius was given the name of Augustus or the revered. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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