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Genghis Khan - Research Paper Example

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Running Head: GENGHIS KHAN Name: Tutor: Course: Date: University: This paper will seek to examine the life history of Genghis Khan as a founder and great ruler of the Mongolian empire. Genghis Khan was the founder of the largest empire in Asia. He was born around 1162…
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Genghis Khan
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"Genghis Khan"

Download file to see previous pages Temujin had three brothers namely Khasar, Tumuge and Khajiun, and a sister referred to Temulen. He also had two half brothers Belgutei and Bekhter. Temujin early life just like the other Mongolian tribes was not an easy one. When Temujin was at the age of nine years, his father took him to his mother’s tribe in the neighbourhood where he was required to work for several years so that he could earn himself a bride named Borje. While his father was returning home, he was poisoned by the Tatars tribe as he had a meal with them. The Tatar tribe had been enemies of the Mongolians for a long time. After the death of Temujin’s father, Temujin returned to his homeland to take after his father’s position among the Khans. However, his father’s tribe refused to be led by a young boy but instead Yesukhei’s two windows and seven children were expelled by their father’s clan. (cultural-china.com, 2010) Hoelun and her family were left without protection and for the next several years, lived in poverty and survived by feeding on roots, fish and rodents which were hunted by Temujin and his brothers. Temujin’s mother tried all she could do to keep her family together after they were expelled by the family patriarchy when her husband died. Hoelun taught Temujin skills which were needed to survive in the desert lands of Mongolia (afe.easia.columbia.edu, 2011). During a hunting expedition, a 13 year old Temujin killed his half brother Bekhter. The incident left Temujin as the head of the household. In 1182, Temujin was captured and held a prisoner after a raid which was conducted by the Bjartskular, his father’s former allies. He stayed in captivity for more than five years. He was later released at the age of sixteen and went to look for his wife Borje. His wife Borje was still waiting for him and soon afterwards the two got married. The marriage was meant to cement a strong alliance between Temujin and other tribes. Genghis Khan also had six Mongolian wives with whom he had many children with. He also married many daughters of a foreign king who submitted to his rule (Sailer, 2003). This children and wives were not to succeed Temujin. Soon after Temujin and Borje got married, Borje was kidnapped by the Merkits and she was given away as a wife. With the help of his friends and his future enemies, Jamuka and his protector, Ong khan of the Kerait tribe, Temujin was able to rescue Borje. Nine months afterwards, Borje gave birth to a son known as Joshi. While at the age of 27, Temujin organized a ‘kuriltai’ among the Mongolians and was elected the Khan. As the leader of Mongolians, Temujin gave high office positions to his relatives and his followers who were loyal to him. (asianhistory.about.com, 2011) By 1206, Temujin was able to unite a majority of the Mongolian tribes and this was what earned him the title Genghis Khan (answer.com, 2011). With the help of his army, Genghis was able to conquer China, Samarkand, Central Asia and even Russia. Genghis and his army raided every community that resisted, killed and enslaved men. The then captured women were distributed upon the army and raped. More often, Genghis derived pleasure in sleeping with the daughters and the wives of the enemy chiefs. (Hudson, 2011) In 1227, Genghis Khan died shortly after defeating the Tangut people. The reason for his death remained unknown to many historians. References: afe.easia.columbia.edu. (2011). The Mongols in World History. Retrieved 1st December ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Genghis Khan Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words)
“Genghis Khan Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/history/1438633-genghis-khan-and-his-women.
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