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Foreigner's View of the U.S - Essay Example

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Name Instructor Course Date Foreigner’s View of the US The United States of America is located in the continent of North America. It borders Canada to the north and Mexico to the south. It is one of the world’s first class countries, also one of the world’s strongest economies…
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Foreigners View of the U.S
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"Foreigner's View of the U.S"

Download file to see previous pages From that time on, America has suffered its share of fortunes and misfortunes. Throughout the years, America has enjoyed the leadership of strong-willed and ambitious presidents who have seen to it that America grows to become politically and economically strong. In America, democracy and upholding of the constitution represent a stringent practice in order to assure America's status as respected and admired by other countries all over the world. This paper discusses the various opinions, both positive and negative, a foreigner would have on the United States’ impact on world developments. Foreigner’s positive views on the United States A foreigner will view the United States as a peace-maker and keeper, judging from the fact that being a superpower it has always tried to stop and contain regional wars and conflicts that have risen between different countries. On many occasions the United States sent peace keepers to the areas around the globe which were ablaze with atrocious wars. It is important to note that the peace keeping missions America executed have resulted in relative peace between countries, which in turn has transformed into beneficial development of these countries (Watson 89). Particularly, a foreigner from Africa will appreciate the fact that the United States has allocated funds to facilitate the development of the third world countries struggling for better life. The U.S. has helped the third world countries in eradicating the three vices: poverty, disease and ignorance which for many years have been drawing the continent of Africa backwards. The American government gives out loans to the third world countries which are channeled to the economy for the infrastructure building and new jobs creation. The assistance from the United States in most cases is through USAIDs (Brzezinsk et al 164). A foreigner will view the United States’ policy of terrorists negotiation refusal as very instrumental in eradicating impunity and lawlessness. Since this foreigner may originate from a country in which the government does not abide fully by the rule of law, he/she comes to appreciate the policies implemented by the American government. Terrorism has been on the rise since the gunmen have been exploiting the weakness in unstable governments which are not powerful enough to resort to drastic measures against them. A country like the United States which stands firmly against terrorism is greatly appreciated by a foreigner with positive views (Watson 87). The United States has managed to sustain its population of more that 300 million people by producing its own food and at the same time export surplus. This is one of the positive views a foreigner will possess about America. Agricultural production in the United States is an undeniable success; surplus of food is regularly exported to needy countries. A foreigner will view the existence of a stable and democratic government in the United States as an inspiration for the countries with unstable or authoritarian governments around the world which strive to embrace democracy. America is staunchly focused on democracy and rule of law, which is instrumental in fostering good governance. The long history of the United States, particularly the civil war between the northerners and the southerners, helped to shape America as a democratic country (Brzezinsk et al 169). The United Stat ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“Foreigner'S View of the U.S Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/history/1435551-foreigner-s-view-of-the-us.
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