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Comparing United Kingdom and United States: Views of a Foreigner - Essay Example

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This essay explores a number of similarities and differences between the United Kingdom and the United States from the changes that occurred throughout time. This paper tells that among main differences include the form of government and composition or a number of states or countries…
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Comparing United Kingdom and United States: Views of a Foreigner
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"Comparing United Kingdom and United States: Views of a Foreigner"

Download file to see previous pages This paper tells that the United Kingdom and the United States share a lot of commonalities. First, both of them have four seasons, namely, spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Second, both use English as their national language. Third, both are inhabited by multicultural people, and fourth, both have successful economies and a number of colonies. Among main differences include the form of government and composition or a number of states or countries.Both U.K. and U.S. have four seasons called spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Both countries experience the same seasons at the same time. For instance, spring starts in March and ends in May. Summer starts in June until August. Autumn is from September until November. Finally, winter starts in December and ends sometime in February. During spring, flowers start to bloom and there is fresh, cool air around. In summer, the weather is hot and people go to the beach to get tanned. In autumn, leaves fall and scatter on the ground while in winter, people need to wear stockings and coats because of the cold snow. Despite the similarities in seasons, the temperature in the two countries varies. Normally, summer is hotter and winter is wetter in the U.S. than in U.K. and the states in the U.S. vary greatly in terms of temperature. It is said that the temperature in Seattle is more or less the same as that in U.K. and the southern part of U.K. usually shares the U.S. climate more than other parts of England. Both countries use English as their national language. Most of the terms are the same; thus an American would understand an email written by a British and vice versa. However, there are terms that are different. For instance, a candy for an American is sweets for a British, the diaper is to a nappy and a flashlight is to a torch. Pronunciation also varies especially with the pronunciation of “either” /ee/ in the U.S. and /ai/ in U.K. Spellings of some words are also different like “while” in America is “whilst” in British, “among” is “amongst,” and so center is centre and liter is litre, and so on. These differences show the changes that occurred from the time that the Europeans settled in America in the late 16th Century.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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