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Migration in the US - Essay Example

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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: University: Migration in the US The purpose of this study is to examine the recent Restrictive and harsh immigration laws enforced in Alabama in U.S to control illegal immigrants Alabama Taxpayers and Citizen Protection Act was signed By Alabama governor on June 1st 2011 into Law .The law was latter passed on June 1st by the Alabama legislators whose aim was to primarily deal with illegal immigrants and any un authorized foreigner .The new regulations deal with private business and business employers and health care issues…
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Migration in the US
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Download file to see previous pages This section further states that to consciously employ, hire or continue employing an illegal immigrant will be a great violation of Federal procedures that have been stipulated in 8 U.S 1324a(b)(1)-(3 ) that require the verification of employee. An illegal immigrant is defined in this section to as a person who is not a citizen of or a national of U.S and who has no authority to work in America as stated in the federal law. SECTION 3(1),(16) defines a business entity to as any group of individuals or an individual that operates any activity, profession or engages in an occupation for any gain, benefit, advantage or livelihood either for profit on non profit motive. SECTION 3(2) states that business includes traditional entities, self employed individuals. An employer under Section 3(5) is defined to as any person or business that employees another person within the Alabama states. Section 15 (b): E-VERIFY. This section makes it a requirement that businesses and employers enroll in E-verify system and use the system to verify the eligibility of a person for employment. The E-verify is a federal electronic employment verification system that was established in 1996 by the illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act and is used by the U.S department of Homeland security. Section 3(7) provides that the Alabama Department for Homeland for security has an obligation to create an E-verifier, an employment agency to be used by business or employer with 25 employees or less. Section 25 put it clear that any business or employ that uses the E-verify system will not have violated Section 15.It further puts that the use of E-verifier to verify the status of any employee will be doing it in good faith and shall be in conformity with all Federal laws applicable. SECTION 15(c)-(f): PENALTIES. If a business or employer violates section 15(a), the court of law shall do the following. The unauthorized employed immigrant tenure of work will be terminated .The business that violate this section will be placed on probation for three years and provide quarterly reports about progress of the business regarding the hiring of new employees. The business will be required to provide a sworn affidavit that it has terminated the employment of illegal immigrants and that it shall not hire any other such employee knowingly. The work permit of the business shall be suspended for ten day. The business that may not be using the E-verify will have their business suspended and only after they have introduced the system in their business will their licenses be reinstated. Any subsequent violations by businesses and employer will result into permanent suspension of their entity. According to (2011), states that the new law affects the healthcare providers in their capacity as employer of such services and also affects the provision of health cares. Under this Act, state agencies are required to verify the status of any person applying for public benefits. This verification will target state universities, health care that are directly operated by state and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Migration in the US Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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