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Effects of Immigrants on Miami City - Term Paper Example

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This term paper describes the human migration issue itself, it's factors and impact on environment of Miami, Florida. The researcher focuses on a number of theories, to explain the migration of people from one country to another. They are: the neoclassical economic theory and etc…
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Effects of Immigrants on Miami City
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Extract of sample "Effects of Immigrants on Miami City"

Download file to see previous pages This term paper focuses on human migration topic and uses Miami city as example to properly investigate the issue. Migration, that is the general movement of organisms or humans, from one place to another can be caused by many factors, that are explained by the researcher in the first part of the term paper. Wars are known to lead to migrations, an example is the emigration from Iraq, to the USA. Migration can either be voluntary or involuntary. Examples of involuntary migration are: slave trade, where people are sold to go and work as slaves, human trafficking and also ethnic cleansing. Those who migrate and settle at a certain place are called immigrants of that place. There have been developed a number of theories, to explain the migration of people from one country to another, such as the neoclassical economic theory, the dual labour market theory etc. The researcher of this term paper provides an investigation on Miami immigrants, where did they came from and what impact do they have on Florida's environment. Miami, that was used as an example to investigate human migration, has flourished into its present day leader city status, largely because of its strong labour force. Given that statistics that was presented in the term paper it was shown that most of the Miami population is not native. However, the researcher states that we can conclude that immigrants played a great role in the developing of the city and the United States as well and have benefited the modern city of Miami. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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