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House of Wisdom - Essay Example

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House of Wisdom, by Jonathan Lyons Name: Institution: House of Wisdom, by Johnathan Lyons The book has clearly shown that the Arabs played a significant role in transforming the Western civilization. The author’s intention was to bring to light how Arabic science spread to the rest of the world during the middle ages and contributed to the civilization of the uncouth society(Jonathan, 2009)…
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House of Wisdom
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"House of Wisdom"

Download file to see previous pages It is impossible to envision Western civilization without fruits of Arab science. Al- khwarizmi’s art of Algebra, the well researched and explained medical teachings and philosophy of Avicenna, the new geography and cartography introduced by al-idrisi or the thorough rationalism of Averroes (Jonathan, 2009). It is evident how uneducated the westerners were. Their leader was an implacable cleric who had appeared from nowhere to massive popular acclaim; he exhorted his charges to holy war against the infidels with promises of a home in paradise. Diseases and malnutrition were rife. Medical care often involved exorcism or the amputation of the injured limb. Torture and other ordeals settled criminal cases. Few had any learning at all. The little education that they had consisted of memorizing out dated texts under the watchful eyes of hidebound doctors of religion. They did not understand basic technology, science or mathematics. They could not date their most significant holy days nor could they chart the regular movement of the sun, moon and planets. Natural phenomena such as eclipse of the moon or a sudden change in weather terrified them; they thought it was black magic. Pope Uban II appealed to the princes in the French town of Clermont to end their ceaseless warring to turn their murderous energies on the unbelievers of the East. The fighting and denouncing of the Muslims by the European Christians and the Westerners began to obscure any recognition of the Muslim way of life and their contribution to science. This message consisted of four themes, some of which still resonate today. One was that Islam distorts the word of God, and the other was that Islam was solely spread by violence. The third one was that Islam promoted pervertedsexuality of humans by encouraging the practice of polygamy, for example, the way the sultans behaved in their Kingdoms, and through their excessively modest way they carried themselves out. Finally, they also believed that the Antichrist was a muslim(Jonathan, 2009). These were just prejudices because some of the European philosophers, who had earlier denounced the Muslim way of life, later appreciated and acknowledged their contribution to education (Jonathan, 2009). As most Westerners denounced the Muslims, an Englishman named Aderlard of Bath one of the early pioneers of the Arab teachings who brought about the wonder of astronomy geometry astrology and other fields to the medieval West, looked at the Muslims differently, he left his home in search for education. In addition, he believed that the Muslims had the best education. He had no interest in the debaucheries of his fellow Europeans. Unlike the holy warriors unleashed by Pope Uban II, he had the determination to learn from the Muslims rather than killing them under the sign of the cross. While the crusaders saw only evil in the Muslim infidel, Aderlard sought the light ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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House of Wisdom by Jonathan Lyons
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