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Imaged Reactions of Robert King to the Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah or Gustavus Vassa, the African - Essay Example

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IMAGINED REACTIONS OF ROBERT KING TO THE INTERESTING NARRATIVE OF THE LIFE OF OLAUDAH EQUIANO, OR GUSTAVUS VASSA, THE AFRICAN Course Number Date I humbly thank the Creator in his Wisdom for allowing that I become a small means for the realization of His Will and His Grace on Earth…
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Imaged Reactions of Robert King to the Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah or Gustavus Vassa, the African
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"Imaged Reactions of Robert King to the Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah or Gustavus Vassa, the African"

Download file to see previous pages It has been near Thirty years since I freed Gustavus, and in that time the Evil of the Slave-Trade has been exposed for all of us to see and read, in large part from his Account of his Life. Had I not freed Gustavus, he would not have been available to do this Work of Our Lord and stir the conscience of our Country. I tremble at the thought of the Ways in which Providence’s Work is mysteriously achieved. I am also relieved that my Stewardship has been exposed to the World through this book in a favorable manner, and hope that some measure of forgiveness will be afforded me for my participation in the evil practice of Slave Trading, by showing that I at all times endeavored to treat all of Our Lord’s children with kindness and Mercy. For the first time I have understood the Humanity of Gustavus’ Life in his home of Africa, with those other Children of Our Lord who have been lost, but live in a type of innocence. Gustavus is now doing the Lord’s Work by bringing His True Word to the heathens in that continent now made more wretched by the Slave-Trade. May they turn away from their Pagan superstitions and find the True Deliverance and comfort that only comes from our Savior. It is mystifying indeed how the Lord has caused His Salvation to reach the primitive peoples of Africa through such trials and Tribulations as those suffered by the Martyrs! It is a strange thought, without a doubt, to learn that our African brothers are descended from the same seed of Abraham, and are still waiting to hear the Word of our Lord. Indeed, as a man of the Sea, I am ashamed to learn of all the wretched conditions on the Slave Ships and the Evil that it has made good Christian men do. Indeed, they are the breeding grounds for Satan’s works. The immorality of kidnapping of children and the sinfulness of the behavior of men for this Inhuman Traffic is shameful to read. I fear the consequences of my actions on the Day when I have to account to my Saviour, as we all suspected and sometimes even knew that the men we left in charge of our Slaves were committing the gravest acts of immorality, lust, and cruelty, but said nothing as we served Mammon instead of serving our Savior! I had known that Gustavus was a remarkable and valuable Servant, but I did not know the extent of his adventures and sorrows. Gustavus was brought into the Evils of the Slave Trade, and then into the evils of War, both of which violate the sacred teachings of our Savior. But Providence saved him in countless situations, even when my dear Captain had succumbed to illness, so that Gustavus could save more Souls and reveal His Glory to all the World. The Lord and His Grace were present even in the most horrid conditions of war and slavery, and His Servant, Gustavus, could see the Guiding Hand of Providence and thereby be saved. It fills my heart with sorrow to read of the countless betrayals faced by faithful Gustavus, and I thank the Lord that I, at least, kept my word and offered him his Freedom, without ever wishing to keep him in further Bondage. That this black seed of Abraham shall redeem the white Christians of Europe from their immorality, lust, and perversity caused by such a pernicious Slave Trade, through my act of manumission is a humbling Honor for which only the Lord deserves credit. If we can now rid ourselves of this Great Sin, let us do so! Gustavus’ talent was well made manifest to me when I saw how quickly he had been able to raise the forty pounds sterling for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Imaged Reactions of Robert King to the Interesting Narrative of the Essay)
Imaged Reactions of Robert King to the Interesting Narrative of the Essay.
“Imaged Reactions of Robert King to the Interesting Narrative of the Essay”, n.d.
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