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“You cannot take away freedom to protect it, you cannot destroy the free market to save it, and you cannot uphold freedom of speech by silencing those with whom you disagree.” (p.17) It was a shocking revelation as I turned over the pages of Glenn Beck’s Commonsense…
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Glenn Beck, Common Sense
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"Glenn Beck, Common Sense"

For so long they had been duping us with the big American dream till reality glared on us and suddenly we were sailing on the radar less boat in a stormy sea with the captain deserted. And we have nobody to blame but ourselves for choosing the wrong person to steer us. Mr Beck’s book really pin points the need of the hour which is none other than having true leaders to drive our nation. The anger and desperation that resonates in Mr Beck’s words is not lost on us: “When will someone cry out with the truth? They are not our saviours; they are the arsonists. They are not rescuing our country; they are destroying it.”(p.10) His words are like the clarion call that kind of jolted people off their trance. For years we had been kept under the spell of the myth woven by our leaders that everything was fine. They made promises and we trusted them till we were stripped of our identity and heritage. Our present leaders have not only strayed away from the American ethics created by our forefathers but have unflinchingly trampled on our glorious past which was built on the essence of the true republic. Mr Beck’s words could not be more apt when he said: “The government by, of and for the people has been turned on its head. It is now a government by the government, of the government, and for the government...” (p.11) This was not what America was supposed to be. Our nation was founded on the toil and devotion of people who were endowed with sensibilities ahead of their times. America was formed in the hands of great leaders and progressive thinkers, and that was why for centuries it had been the frontrunner in the race of civilization. But today America has fallen into the ruins of its glorious past because those who sit at the top and take decisions on our behalf are either incompetent or just don’t bother. As Mr Beck pointed out, they probably give a damn to republic. Mr Beck’s book has made me deeply concerned about the future of our nation, about our future. It has awakened me to the hard hitting truth that unless able hands once again hold the reins of our country America will be lost forever in the maze of time. It really made me wonder at what prompted people like our present politicians to be in the job that they don’t have their hearts in and have no understanding of. I believe that when they think of serving the nation they mean it but once into power they become greedy, corrupt and lose their vision. For personal gains and short term success they commit irreparable damages and even worse, wash their hands of it and then pass it on the common people to bear the brunt. The whole irony of it comes across so clearly in Mr Beck’s words. “They’re going on television and radio each day reportedly assuring us that if we throw enough money at the problems they created then we can stop our toxic debt spiral without any more pain.” (p.15) The brazenness of these politicians is baffling. Why can’t these people take responsibility of their own action? After every mishap the only thing they really work on is to give us a solid excuse. That is not the sign of true leadership. Had they accepted their mistakes and come out honest they would not have lost our trust, for to err is human. But their cover up policies infuriates the masses. They would talk big and fast and forget their promises even faster. I strongly believe that leadership is about taking responsibility and accountability. The leader always places his or her people first and Read More
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