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Make a Case to Legalize Marijuana - Essay Example

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Name and Number of the Course Date THE BENEFITS OF LEGALIZING MARIJUANA Introduction Marijuana policy has been a contentious issue in the United States. In the course of time, “federal marijuana policy has become increasingly restrictive and punitive, while state policy more fluid and lax” (Khatapoush & Hallfors 751)…
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Make a Case to Legalize Marijuana
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"Make a Case to Legalize Marijuana"

Download file to see previous pages In 1970, the Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act placed marijuana in Schedule I with heroin, mescaline, and LSD, perceiving the drug as low medical utility while highly liable for abuse, consequently rendering it unavailable for medical use. Despite this classification, the federal government permitted its use for a few patients as part of a compassionate use program. By the early 1990s, increasing numbers of people with AIDs applied for the compassionate use program for relief from nausea and loss of appetite. In 1992 the Department of Health and Human Services officially terminated the program. Opposing federal legislation, nearly half the states as initiated by California and Arizona legalized the medicinal use of the drug by the end of 1996. Although the “possession of cannabis , even for medical purposes, remains a federal offense” (Earleywine 169), its rates of use for medicine continues to be high. Thesis Statement: The purpose of this paper is to persuade the reader on the necessity for legalizing marijuana. The exploitation of drug cartels, the medicinal and economic benefits, and the requirement for responsible usage will be examined. Legalizing Marijuana: Elimination of Drug Cartels and its Black Market If marijuana prohibition ended, the black market in the drug would disappear to a great extent. Better and safer marijuana would be available to buyers, who will not be required to come into contact with criminals or hard drug users. Thus, “legalization would save society billions of dollars now spent on pursuing users, and a legal marijuana industry could bring in billions more in revenue” (Ruschmann 87). Further, the government would still be able to punish abusers of the drug, and educate the public about using marijuana responsibly. Moreover, businesses and schools could discourage the use of the drug and prohibit its use in their domains. Legalizing Marijuana does not Result in its Increased Use Other countries have not experienced serious problems as a result of relaxing marijuana laws. For example, in Australia with tough mariguana laws, decriminalizing the usage of the drug in three states resulted in its increased use in all regions including jurisdictions with a total prohibition approach to cannabis, with the largest increase in Tasmania, a prohibitionist state. The Swiss government, as well as the Canadian Senate Committee have found that based on scientific studies there was no relationship between the harshness of marijuana laws and the percentage of people who use the drug. Similarly, in the United States itself, with the decriminalization of marijuana in some states for more than twenty years, the Connecticut Law Revision Commission found that “larger increases in marijuana use occurred in states that did not decriminalize than those that did” (Ruschmann 85). Further, although in the United States and Canada there are very restrictive laws on the use of the drug, it is used more extensively than in Belgium, Germany and Spain with highly liberal laws. Additionally, there was no consequent increase in hard drug use caused by the liberal policies of Spain, Italy and Portugal or from over thirty years’ experience of relaxed marijuana laws in the Netherlands (Ruschmann 85). Moreover, in Canada despite the increasing numbers of cannabis users, there has not been a proportionate increase in the users of hard drugs. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Marijuana Controversy
The act also proposes to allow local governments to collect taxes and fees related to marijuana and also other penalties related to the criminal and civil aspects of marijuana. This proposition however, was defeated and did not make it to law. Those against marijuana, mainly the right wing republican Americans, argue that since marijuana is associated with several health risks like memory deficits, lung disease, throat cancer and heart disease, it should not be legalized.
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The social impact of legalize coffee shops (marijuana) in the world
Marijuana use increases the prevalence of getting cancer. Looking at the pathogenic synthesis of cancer it is caused by the abnormal multiplication of malignant cells which are in the body. With the use of marijuana cells especially in the gaseous tract are destroyed or altered and they become malignant.
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Legalization of marijuana
The paper throws light on marijuana as one of the illegal drugs abused in the United States and the world. Human beings have used marijuana for thousands of years. There are negative effects of using marijuana, including problems related to the health and social well-being of an individual. In spite of negative effects, marijuana has medicinal values and properties.
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The United States of America should legalize marijuana
The approach of addressing drug abuse by illegalizing marijuana in the US has raised heightened debates on its effectiveness. Although some people argue that marijuana may be an
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Legalize Marijuana
Marijuana is the most commonly used illegal drug in the United States. It comes from the leaves and flowering tops of the Cannabis sativa plant and is usually dried and rolled into a “joint” before being lit and smoked. It first became popular with immigrants in the 1920’s, though it did not read peak usage until the 1960s.
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These are considered as illegal drugs, one of which is marijuana. However, there has been a recent clamor to legalize marijuana because of its supposed medicinal, economic and social benefits. This author believes that such a move should not be done and will give the causes for such a stand.
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Whether or not legislation should legalize marijuana for personal use in Arizona
federal partners, state official, local workers and the national drug control policy personals are working hard to decline the illegal consumption of marijuana and other forbidden drugs by formulating the polices and counter strategies that are developed in the light of rules
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Legalizing Marijuana in Canada
It is apparent that with the issue of legalizing marijuana having been contentious in many countries, legalizing it has taken a 180% turn where most people are advocating for its legalization. In Canada, the center for addiction and mental health (CAMH) has been in the frontline in the push for legalizing marijuana.
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Should America legalize marijuana
The highly debatable discussion of legalization of marijuana has been starting to circulate around the world like wildfire. The application of medical marijuana is refereed by scientists as less harmful than that of other tobacco products.
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Marijuana Benefitting Society
From the sociological perspective, we will apply a functionalist approach. In terms of this perspective it is explored whether a modern society is changing in a dynamic way or not. There is a need to find a perfect balance among different members of the society in order to find out the reliability of marijuana legislation.
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