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The violence currently facing Colombia's dispossessed is indicative that the country could soon experience a revolution - Essay Example

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(Name) (Professor) (Course) (Date) Evaluating the Statement “The violence currently facing Colombia’s dispossessed is indicative that the country could soon experience a revolution such as the one impacting Mexico during the 1910s” The Mexican Revolution came at a time when the country, ruled by the “Strong Man of the Americas” Porfirio Diaz (Brenner 8), had the economy largely at the hand of the landed elite and the bog foreign corporations, while majority of the nation’s population, both the mestizo and the indigenous landless peasants and urban proletariat, dwindled in poverty (Brenner 8-10)…
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The violence currently facing Colombias dispossessed is indicative that the country could soon experience a revolution
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Extract of sample "The violence currently facing Colombia's dispossessed is indicative that the country could soon experience a revolution"

Download file to see previous pages Observe, do not fulfill” (Brenner 8). From this background, different leaders arose and rebelled against the government: although these leaders had different agendas, the support of the Mexican masses lied on one desire: the desire to change the social structure, to implement reforms that would give economic and socio-political empowerment to the majority of the people (Brenner 35-40). From the above statement, the researcher of this paper thinks that a similar revolution is also brewing in Colombia: a revolution to empower the dispossessed and make radical reforms that would change society’s structure and give more opportunities to the poor. As the Mexican Revolution of the 1910s sought to overthrow the elites and give “Mexico back to the Mexicans” (Brenner 62), so will happen with Colombia, where several rebel guerilla groups, most notably the FARC-EP, are already there proclaiming itself as the army of Colombia’s poor and dispossessed. ...
??s “The Wind That Swept Mexico” and Alfredo Molano’s “The Dispossessed: Chronicles of the Desterrados of Colombia.” One of the main characteristics of Mexican society in the 1910s was the monopoly of political power by the elite. In the time of the dictatorship of Diaz, almost all of the positions on the government bureaucracy were given to the elites, either to the “biggest landowner or businessman” (Brenner 10). Such political tradition gave Diaz the support of the elite for much of his administration. In addition, this political; system was justified with the fact that Mexico is not ready for democracy, given that ninety percent of its people is dominantly Indian, viewed as “racially inferior” and “subhuman” (Brenner 10). While the idea of open elections was also dismissed by Diaz due to the fact that only “not even fifteen percent (of the population) can read” (Brenner 10), it was also declared that democracy was a utopia that must not to be toyed with. In addition to political power was economic power: both the elites and foreign corporations controlled the Mexican economy (Brenner 14). Much of the economy was driven buy investments from foreign corporations, most notably the United States, using cheap Mexican labor that neither have control over their own land or their country’s national resources (Brenner 14). Most of Mexico’s industries where controlled by foreign enterprises, reaping much revenues, making Mexico a “bonanza land” for investors using a steady supply of Mexican “cheap and docile labor” (Brenner 15). Meanwhile, in the countryside, haciendas ruled the land, with them owning almost all of the arable lands, making the land reform of the previous Juarez regime useless (Brenner 19). In fact, it was actually ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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