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The Violence currently facing Colombia's dispossessed - Essay Example

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“The violence currently facing Colombia’s “dispossessed” Columbia’s relevant natural resources and its cultural diversity provide chances for sustainable development of the land. Unfortunately, decades- long violence by the annoyed armed groups and violations of human rights forced the land to be often referred as a country with never ending calamities…
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The Violence currently facing Colombias dispossessed
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Download file to see previous pages Thousands of people have lost their lives and millions are being put out of place. Large number of ingenious people, Afro-Columbians and farmers were forced to leave their relatives and native lands because of violence. Growing conflicts and calamities among the armed forces and guerrilla groups changed the land into dispossessed status and it indicates that the country could soon experience a revolution such as one impacting Mexico during 1910s. Studies and researches have recognized that the underlying cause of this crisis is related with U.S policies which promote the killing of millions of common people in Columbia. News reports about the dispossessed reveals the story that thousands of Columbians were relocated by years of war and state-backed terrorism. Analyzing the history, one can see that existing policies of the United States paved the way for a revolution. Therefore, one feel comfort to agree the statement that “The violence currently facing Colombia’s “dispossessed” is indicative that the country could soon experience a revolution such as the one impacting Mexico during the 1910s”.The root cause of the crisis in Columbia lie its weak state, a divided ruling class, and two party political system which strictly prevented any kind of participation or voice from the common people. Periodic party competition between the Liberals and Conservatives led the country to armed conflicts. Things became worst, when the Liberal government passed measures for protecting social security and workers’ right of the same kind to Roosevelt’s New Deal. The emerging of Second World War collapsed reforms activities and President Alfonzo Lopez Pumarejo forced to face strong opposition from inside and the outside of his party. The assassination of Jorge Eliecr Gaitan, the leader of rebels paved the way for unending violence and conflicts. In 1986 election, fighting armed forces and guerillas faced general election as the result of Government’s invitation. But after the election government and the armed Right go back on their promises. The election procedures false down and more than 3000 people were murdered. All armed forces came back to their own previous status, especially the guerillas returned to the hills and took arms. Existing armed conflicts and outrage violence in Columbia, indicates the emergence of a revolution. The book entitled, The dispossessed: chronicles of the Desterrados of Colombia by Alfredo Molano describes the conflicts took place in Columbia .Author clearly mentions about the U.S policies and its political supports towards the Columbian government indirectly acts as a catalyst in the process of spreading violence. From the very beginning, Alfredo Molano reveals the cause and effects of current war between military force and the guerillas. Author explores the real cause of conflict by saying; “Neoliberal policies forcing competition between small Columbian farmers and international agribusiness drove more than five million farmers off their lands in the 1990s” (Molano, 2005, p.21). The arriving of the drug cartels and the paramilitaries in to the warfront changed the nation in to a land of political anarchism. Conflicts between the international agribusiness groups and small Columbian farmers promoted economic stagnation and food problem all over the country. As a result of political, ideological, and military polarizations guerilla ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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