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Renaissance is highly significant period in the history of mankind primarily because it heralded the resurgence of knowledge, art and culture.The period (1450-1650) is known as an age of enlightenment because it saw the emergence of greatest artists, scientists and scholars…
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What is the significance of the Renaissance
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Renaissance is highly significant period in the history of mankind primarily because it heralded the resurgence of knowledge, art and culture. The period (1450-1650) is known as an age of enlightenment because it saw the emergence of greatest artists, scientists and scholars. Michelangelo, Leonard da Vinci, Copernicus, Galileo, Botticeli etc were few of the prominent artists and scholars that have made significant impact on world of art and culture, science etc. The period witnessed major changes in socio-cultural and political paradigms through the judicious application of knowledge in the various fields. Prince, Machiavelli’s political philosophy, development of new learning environment and realignment of Church and monarchy all brought forth new wave of thinking. Henkins (2007) asserts that scholastic institutions that were initially promoted by Churches for propagating religion and ethical values had later become seat of higher learning. The curricula covered wide areas like music, physics, English grammar, logic, cosmology etc and which are now known as universities. Renaissance was a critical era that brought in new dimension to art and culture within the society and ensured that scientific discoveries were recognized and used for social advancement. Most important was the fact that socio-cultural and political dynamics were interpreted in terms of scientific and cultural paradigms rather than religious tenets. It also saw major consolidation of political power through increased trade and commerce activities across geographical boundaries and matrimonial alliances. Feudalism was considerably reduced to empower the common man (renaissance). It was a golden period that not enhanced the glory of Europe through flourishing art and culture and new scientific discoveries and inventions but also made it major political power of the world. (words: 273) Reference Henkins, James (ed). The Cambridge Companion to Renaissance Philosophy. NY: Cambridge University Press, 2007. Renaissance. 16 June, 2011. Read More
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