Romanesque Architecture and Renaissance Architecture Compared - Essay Example

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The world would be hard to understand without the history of visual art. The history of visual arts and movements has distinct differences with regard to their historic times. …
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Romanesque Architecture and Renaissance Architecture Compared
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Download file to see previous pages This paper evaluates historic movements such as Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Islamic and mannerism, and seeks further to compare and contrast some architectural designs and artworks of these movements. Answer to Question one Romanesque architecture The term Romanesque architecture describes the building style adopted between 800AD to 1100 AD. One of the finest Romanesque architecture buildings in England is the Durham Cathedral and is often regarded as the leading Romanesque building in the world (Kimball & Edgell 251). The composite piers, of the cathedral, are alternated with drum columns, flying buttresses or lateral abutments all concealed within the triforium over the isles. These characteristics were highly inspired by the religious fervor of the Romanesque architecture period. Therefore, the design shows the Christian values which were highly valued by the people of the time. Gothic architecture Gothic architecture is an architectural style that was most common during the early and late medieval period from 12th century through 16th century. An example of a Gothic architecture is the Cologne cathedral, which dates back in the early 19th century (Kimball & Edgell 260). The geometrical and mathematical nature of the construction is indicative of the orderly universe, which is laid logically and with rationality. The statue, the sculptural decoration, stained glass and murals incorporate the creative genius as portrayed by the old and new testaments. The building and its style emphasize the religious nature of the people and the way they valued God’s power and creative works of logic. Renaissance architecture Renaissance architecture started in the fifteenth century through the early seventeenth century and replaced Gothic architecture. An example of renaissance architecture is the Palladio's Basilica in Vicenza, Italy (Kimball & Edgell 258). The church has orderly arrangement of columns, pilasters and lintels. There is the use of hemispherical domes, which are all characteristics of the renaissance architecture (Kimball & Edgell 252). All these details were used to emphasize solid and spatial relationship where the idea of harmony leads to free and imaginative rhythms. The details of the style especially in the church building were more civic than spiritual. This feeling, therefore, emphasizes the blending of religious and secular values of the people of the time. Answer to Question two Islamic architecture incorporates both secular and religious styles from the time when Islam was founded to date and is extensively used in the shrines of Mecca and Medina (Bloom & Blair 152). Comparing the Fatimid’s architecture used in Bab al-Futuh gate and the Gothic architecture at the entrance of Carmo Church in Lisbon, Portugal, there are notable differences. Bab al-Futuh gate has a hemispherical dome while the main entrance of Carmo church has a pointed arch. In content, the Gothic architecture is created to give less democracy in the religious sense, while the mosque architecture emphasizes freedom and secularism (Bloom & Blair 159). Therefore, the sense of holiness elicited by the two gates varies from the outside details depending on the gate architectural style. The form and content of the two are seen in the materials used, the color designs, murals employed and the emphasized details with regards to logical arrangements, balance and creativity. Answer to Question three These two works of art represent the two periods; the early Northern Renaissance and the early Italian Renaissance respectively. These two artworks are different in form. The first element that differentiates their form is the painting details, which are emphasized by ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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