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The Final Solution - Essay Example

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The Final Solution “The Final Solution”, a frequently debated issue among critics of the Hitler dynasty has its footholds in the initial period of 20th century. “The Final Solution” is referred to the plan developed by Nazi leaders of Germany to annihilate the Jewish natives of the country (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, “The Holocaust”)…
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The Final Solution
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Download file to see previous pages The derivation of “The Final Solution” can be witnessed in the period between 1939 and 1941. The fruition of this genocide was based on the religious disparity existing between the Jews and the Christians. In the 1939s the Christian leaders witnessed a failure in demonstrating Jesus as ‘Messiah’ before the fellow Jews which indeed fuelled up the adversarial correlation among the two religious groups (Browning, C. R., “The Origins of the Final Solution: The Evolution of Nazi Jewish Policy, September 1939-March 1942”). However, the antagonism among these religious groups was witnessed long before the plan was factually determined, i.e. in the 1919 in which Adolf Hitler played a grave function. It is worth mentioning that he was the most evident personality who grounded the need to destroy the Jews from the country with his “Jewish Question” (McFee, “When did Hitler Decide on the Final Solution?”). As he stated in 1919s in his letters, “Jews were a race and not a religion” and that it was quite important for the European government to abolish this race in order to attain “national strength” (Kershaw, “Hitler’s Role in the “Final Solution””). The ultimate execution of “The Final Solution” was planned in the Wannsee Conference in the early 1942. Reinhard Heydrich, who was recognized to be the second in charge of the RF-SS of Himmler, coordinated around 15 Nazi bureaucrats belonging to the top level of the Nazi society in the conference which was held in Berlin. These Nazi leaders were affirmed to execute the plan to abolish a targeted number of 11 million Jews from Europe, which shall be instigated from Germany (Zapotoczny, “The Final Solution”). Although the plan was instigated from Germany in 1942, it was extended to the added parts of Europe including Poland, Greece, Hungary, France and others. The plan came to an end in the year 1944. With the rapidly increasing number of deaths of Jewish people a rescue committee was set in Budapest titled as Jewish Rescue Committee. The committee proposed to settle a contract with the European government which stated that in return of large quantities of tea, coffee, sugar, war materials and other goods, the government would spare the lives of the rest 800,000 Jews left in Europe (Breitman and Aronson, “The End of the "Final Solution"?: Nazi Plans to Ransom Jews in 1944”). By the year of the winding up of the plan in 1944, almost 5,933,900 Jews were annihilated by the Nazi leaders amounting to 67% of the total Jew population (The American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise, “Estimated Number of Jews Killed in The Final Solution”). Undoubtedly, the entire act created a long lasting and profound impact not only on the social aspects of human lives, but also in the political, economical and military dimensions. In the 20th century, the rise of Nazi leaders to sovereignty in the European continent headed towards the state-enforced racial discriminations. As a consequence, the economic environment of Germany, Poland and other nations of Europe had to witness terrific fluctuations. Several policies and anti-Jewish regimes were enforced in the period, such as “Aryanization”, “Night of Broken Glass” and others (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, “The "Final Solution"”). The consequences of the so called “ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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