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The Challenge of Hospital Facilities to Senior Citizens: Spiritual Angle is the Final Solution - Admission/Application Essay Example

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The reporter casts light upon the fact that prime-face the above topic may appear old-fashioned. Senior citizens, who need medical treatment, have problems and this issue exists all over the world…
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The Challenge of Hospital Facilities to Senior Citizens: Spiritual Angle is the Final Solution
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Extract of sample "The Challenge of Hospital Facilities to Senior Citizens: Spiritual Angle is the Final Solution"

Download file to see previous pages The phrase “senior citizens” evokes immediate sympathy and pierces the sentimental world. Alfred George Gardiner, the famous essayist of England writes, ‘There is a beauty in the sunrise and also in the sunset’. We have another popular wise saying ‘Old is gold’. But these observations belong to the sentimental world. The secular world goes by the hard facts and takes into account the ground realities. Karen McGough Monks writes, “An aspect of healthcare, which contributes to increased frustration, is that the industry is always in a state of flux. Just when you think you understand the system, you find it is changing” (7). An individual who has an unhappy old age, with no reasonable financial support, and who has to face the tantrums of the negligent children, looks forward to admission in a hospital and if the conditions are favorable there for the stay, the treatment is good enough, the chances of recovery is bright, no one would be interested in taking discharge from the hospital.
The health care providers are dealing with humans, whose emotional world and health conditions vary from patient to patient. The issue related to the emotional world of the senior citizens is more important. This stage of life demands support, sympathy and often financial assistance. In brief, discharge from the hospital of senior citizens is a multifaceted and challenging procedure. The main problem of the senior citizens is old age! It is an integrated problem that has cultural, sociological and economic angles and it cannot be studied in isolation. The following observation in “Economist” needs close scrutiny from the economic and sociological angles. “These days, older people are the problems” (Methods).Discharge of the patient from the hospital could be the end of the problem for the hospital as far as that patient is concerned. But it is perhaps the beginning of a set of problems for the concerned patient.  ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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(The Challenge of Hospital Facilities to Senior Citizens: Spiritual Ang Admission/Application Essay)
The Challenge of Hospital Facilities to Senior Citizens: Spiritual Ang Admission/Application Essay.
“The Challenge of Hospital Facilities to Senior Citizens: Spiritual Ang Admission/Application Essay”, n.d.
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