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Rise and fall of western civilization - Essay Example

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A strong culture plays a considerable role in defining the dimensions for a society and once the dimensions are set,people start living their lives according to those dimensions forming a strong civilization.Western civilization was one of those civilizations,which put a great impact on shaping the cultures of various societies. …
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Rise and fall of western civilization
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Extract of sample "Rise and fall of western civilization"

[Your full full May 02, Rise and Fall of Western Civilization A strong culture plays a considerable role in defining the dimensions for a society and once the dimensions are set, people start living their lives according to those dimensions forming a strong civilization. Western civilization was one of those civilizations, which put a great impact on shaping the cultures of various societies. Western civilization was at its peak for the time between World War I and 1960s’ campus protests. Half a century ago, western civilization was considered a pure model for all civilizations of the world. The reasons behind the rise of western civilization were the classic Roman and Greek cultures, the religion of Christianity, and the enlightenment of all aspects of the modern era (Kurth). The addition of the three above-mentioned factors shaped the political, religious, and traditions of the west and was strong enough to make western civilization a real attractive and influencing civilization of its time. Addition of liberty and other political aspects of the Greek culture, law aspect of the Roman culture, belief in Christianity and obedience to Christ, and the ideas of liberal democracy promoted the western civilization in an influencing way. However, decline of every great civilization is a reality. Western civilization, after experiencing a long era of rise and high regard, started to decline after 1960s. The major reasons behind decline of the western civilization were the death of the classical tradition, the systematic assault of Christianity, large-scale immigration of Muslims to the western countries, and the influence of the cultures and traditions of immigrants. All of these reasons played a considerable role in causing a systematic decline to the great western civilization. Works Cited Kurth, James. “Western Civilization, Our Tradition.” The Intercollegiate Review, 2003. Web. 02 May 2011. . Read More
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“Rise and Fall of Western Civilization Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words”, n.d.
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