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The rise of Christianity was important to the growth of the late Roman period. How did the Church help continue civilization after the fall of the Western Empire - Research Paper Example

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Jesus had died by that time but the message of Christianity was still alive. The principles of Christianity would usually be misunderstood but the teachings spread rapidly amongst…
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The rise of Christianity was important to the growth of the late Roman period. How did the Church help continue civilization after the fall of the Western Empire
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The rise of Christianity was important to the growth of the late Roman period. How did the Church help continue civilization after the fall of the Western Empire

Download file to see previous pages... Paul was an apostle who travelled across the Roman Empire in 30 years to preach Christianity to some of the important cities of the empire. Some of the cities such as Philippi, Athens, and Corinth consisted of thousands of desperate and poor people who were thought to be the perfect audience for the message of Christianity that supported eternal life. Paul went to the homes of these people and preached the message of Jesus. However, Jesus only went to the Jews while Paul took his message to the non-Jews as well.
Christianity tended to ease the rules and adopted a more relaxed approach towards the ancient laws about circumcision and food. The Jewish traditions were greatly led down due to this but this was the main reason for the widespread of Christianity. As the Christian movement focused on non-Jewish members as well, the rules were changed from the strict ones to the relaxed ones so that Jews could adopt them. However, gradually Christianity had been adopted as a separate and new religion. As Christianity gained importance in Rome, the failings of Emperor Nero were hidden under Christians who were a far easier target. Christians were few in Rome by then even and they were now highly suspicious. Christians had become an easy target and their rituals were mistaken commonly. Nero, in this time, tortured the Roman Christians by throwing them to wild animals, burning them alive, or crucifying them1.
However, even after this persecution, the Christian religion prevailed and although it did not repeat in other areas and was brief, it became more organized over the time. By 323 AD, Christianity had become the official religion in the Roman Empire. Ever since then, the Christianity and Catholic Church played a significant role in establishing and forming the Western Society.
Throughout the history of the Catholic Church, it has been seen as a source of inspiration of social services such as medical care and schooling, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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