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Casinos in Cuba and their Negative impact on the Nation: President Batistas Era - Research Paper Example

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Casinos in Cuba during president Batista’s era were nothing but a cover up of the evils happening during this time period. This is a study set out to support relentlessly this aforementioned thesis statement…
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Casinos in Cuba and their Negative impact on the Nation: President Batistas Era
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Download file to see previous pages According to Maureen Hudges, president Batista invited a legendary figure in the Americas organized crime-Meyer Lansky.Batista called him to become the prime adviser upon the reform of gambling in his so referred bid of tourism attraction. Lansky became the new manager of the previously established Hotel Nacional and in 1956 he started the popularly known hotel of then hotel–casino.
Hughes argument, which the study totally backs, is that despite the fact that Batista introduced Casinos to bring about tourist attraction, it was merely a state of legitimacy in disguise. In reality the president aimed at dictating his way to illegitimately acquiring income and further would cover that up with the introduction of casino business in Havana Cuba. His right-hand man as mentioned earlier to aid his works was Meyer lansky who was later, as he carried out his business, joined by Trafficante Senior who sent his son to launch casino operations in Cuba. Lansky and Trafficante were high rankers when it came to drug trafficking back in the US. This was especially proven by the fact that Lansky was highly sought after by FBI. His accomplices Trafficante was also in the 1940s put in FBI’s wanted list together with his son for a specific case where he was the financier of shipments of heroine sent from Cuba to the US. (Hughes, 2010, pp 57-59)
As a matter of fact, the website of which is fully for the argument Presented by the study states that it was the members of the mafia who had the art of wining after taking part in gambling games. They would come out with outstanding gains since they knew their way towards making maximum of the amounts staked. However, gains would not be ascertainable were it not for the government officials’ compromising. These officials could be used by the gangsters to achieve anything that they wanted. The membership of this said gang were none others than Meyer Lansky, Santos and Jake. Back in Havanna, the members of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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