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Organized Crime in Cuba - Dissertation Example

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The study “Organized Crime in Cuba” is set out to discuss organized crime in detail and it will focus on the Cuban context. There will be a comprehensive answer to the question, “To what extent did organized crime utilize casinos to control the nation of Cuba prior to the communist revolution?”…
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Organized Crime in Cuba
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Download file to see previous pages Meyer Lansky and Invitation by President Batista
Following his plotting a coup, he was able to seize power and did away with all the traces of a democratic system in 1952. Meanwhile, he became partners with the mafia of Sicilia among who was Meyer Lansky. He spent a long period in the famous New York’s Astoria towards the end of the 1940s, where he finalized on his plans with Meyer regarding the distribution of money to all casinos in context.
Batista issued licenses to the mob as well as the permission of running their casino business deals in Cuba. Other bad influences and vices tagged along with the casino business with examples of drugs, prostitution, and corruption. Havana was transformed to what would better be known as the “Latin Las Vegas” catching the hardworking individuals in Cuba unawares. They were left with their mouths agape and were also lost in the middle of nowhere.
President Batista was fully corrupted and tough. He had his special type of police who ‘walked’ the whole of Cuba to enforce the laws of Batista. In the onset of 1950s, Havana city became the port of drug distribution for another member of the mafia, Lucky Luciano. He carried out his casino business alongside drug trafficking. Meanwhile, all these deals took place in the popular Hotel Nacional. However, he (Batista) fled Cuba after he was overthrown by Fidel Castro in 1958. (Reyes, 2004)
Louis Sexto points out the whole ordeal of organized crime started in 1933 when the mafia (Italian-American) began to show dominance in the city of Havana. This was made even easier since Batista had succeeded in overthrowing the then government. Before we analyze them, it is good to note that the individuals involved in the mafia casino business were mainly three.
The business of casinos revolved around two mafia leaders, Meyer Lansky and Charles Lucky Luciano. With Meyer being the leader, Luciano became the second-in-command. As a business deal, Batista accepted Meyer’s proposal as well as approved the Cosa Nostra to develop and also administer gambling’s table of green baize. A casino of National Hotel came up subsequently and it became one of the most the sumptuous houses of gambling in North America. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Organized Crime in Cuba Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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