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Robespierre: the Devil or the Messiah of the French Revolution - Term Paper Example

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Since the time immemorial a lot of people try to improve their lives, change them for better. Nobody wants to be oppressed, nobody wants to be deprived of civil rights and nobody likes putting up with injustice and contempt. …
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Robespierre: the Devil or the Messiah of the French Revolution
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"Robespierre: the Devil or the Messiah of the French Revolution"

Download file to see previous pages Any revolution itself never implies anything good. Revolution can not become a total incarnation of renewal and positive changes, it is not just the triumph of justice, and, definitely, it is not the best way of society reconstruction. There are always some people opposing the radical changes and, consequently, opposing the initiators of such changes. It is proven historically that in such cases instigators act in accordance with a simple principle: “You are with us or against us”. No doubts, where revolution takes place, there are rivers of blood, violence, genocide, anarchy and outrage. No armed revolution was successful. Any revolution is supposed to serve people’s interest but very often its punishing sword turns against the ordinary people: men, women and even children.
The Great French Revolution ushered in the era of global revolutionary upheavals and historically unprecedented crimes, which were committed in the name of bright ideals. The Revolution, which started with overthrow of monarchic regime fallen into senility was radicalizing fast and logically resulted in the Jacobin Terror of 1793-1794, which was the culmination of the Revolution and real expression of its spirit.
The previous century, marked with monstrous crimes of totalitarian tyranny, dulled our sensitivity to bloodshed. Still, it is impossible to read the chronicles of The French Revolution without shuddering; the Revolution, which began as riots of broken loose populace and ended as a well-planned total terror.
Stanley Loomis wrote in his book that during the massacre in September 1792 the bloody orgy lasted without any interruption for five days. In the third day morning the raging populace stormed the prison of La Force ... where the excesses of drunken, distraught of the blood crowd reached a climax. (Loomis 256). During the Revolutionary Terror, started with the death of King Louis XVI and Queen Marie-Antoinette, more than 30 000 people were executed all over the country. Very few were real representatives of the French aristocracy (Loomis 112). The vast majority of ordinary people were accused of disloyalty or lack of revolutionary zeal and executed; lots of people were victims fallen from the revenge of the envious ill-wishers who took a moment to settle the score with their personal enemies. Maximilien Robespierre, the head of the Committee of Public Safety (the executive body of the Convention), the most influential man of the country, a recognized leader of the revolution, was a theoretician, inspirer and leader of the revolutionary terror. After the Jacobin dictatorship fall, the opponents of Robespierre - Right and Left - agreed on several common formulas that were touted as a real truth. "Tyrant," "dictator," "despot," "murderer", "spider" - all these abusive nicknames applied to Robespierre were equally heard from the lips of the "left" Collot d'Herbois and right Boissy d'Angle. So who and what was this person indeed? Robespierre's life is inseparable from the revolution. Robespierre did not fight on the barricades; he was not among the Parisians storming the Bastille. He spent his short life at his writing-desk, or in a miserable garret of carpenter Dupleix, or in the stands of the National Assembly, the Convention and the Jacobin Club. But his speeches, projects, regulations, his will and his fanatical devotion to the revolutionary ideas influenced all the events of the revolution ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“Robespierre: The Devil or the Messiah of the French Revolution Term Paper”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/history/1415872-robespierre-the-devil-or-the-messiah-of-the-french-revolution.
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