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The paper "What Are the Aims of the Revolution for Robespierre" highlights that when Robespierre’s point of view on the revolution is taken into account, it becomes clear that he viewed the revolution as a means of enacting liberty for the common man…
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The French Revolution sparked the desire for democratic representative rule across Europe. The revolution began as a panacea for the common man to be delivered from monarchy’s tyrannical grip but as the revolution progressed it become bloodied with the blood of the people it was meant to protect. Generally, Robespierre is accredited for catalyzing the French Revolution to its “reign of terror” phase that claimed the lives of anyone eyeing the revolution with suspicion.
During the revolution, Robespierre was handed absolute power to enact liberty as a representative of common French masses. However, like many other revolutionaries, absolute power corrupted Robespierre absolutely. In order to enact liberty, Robespierre chose the method of elimination of political opposition. Many leaders before and after Robespierre such as Bismarck the Great, Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin chose to eliminate political opposition so that coherence could be achieved.
Robespierre views the revolution as a means of creating solidarity in the rank and file of the French people through the application of virtue.  Read More
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