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This essay encompasses the problem of terrorism committed later and nowadays. It is stressed that the concepts of terrorism have continuously been a part of historical events, however looking at the contemporary trends, it can be seen that the new types of terrorism differ from older…
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New Terrorism
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Download file to see previous pages This led to several groups who were a part of this era were specifically opposed to the government and political systems and focused on committing assassinations of those who were in power to overthrown the current system and to re-establish a different system. The rise of terrorism from the 1900s created the understanding of traditional terrorism, which was based on weapons such as guns that were used for assassinations. The motivations and strategies were always based on killing the leaders in power as well as the ability to overthrow specific powers. Most would separate themselves from society by different ethnic groups and through religious beliefs (Laqueur, 24: 1996). During the 1980s, the intensity of terrorism increased. The Cold War and the associations with international conflicts for the first time became the main conflict that was associated with terrorism. The main focus during this time was with state based terrorist groups who were taking part in guerrilla warfare, associations with Civil Wars and which were creating specific statements against the government. During this time, there was a rise in small groups of terrorists that were interested in spreading a specific message across the state that opposed the government and system that was in conflict. The main initiative of these terrorist groups was based on finding ways to cause a level of destruction to the national governments while creating domestic problems in different regions. While some of these were based on domestic attacks to get international countries out of the country, the main objective was to work on attacking the current system and political affiliations that were in the country (Laqueuer, 25: 2006). The types of terrorism began to change after the...
Even though there are several groups that use specific tactics that are upgraded and which have a specific mission, there are also similarities between the traditional and new groups. The first is based on the individualistic ideologies that are a part of terrorism. There is a known psychology which is related to terrorist groups which are based on specific personality disorders. Opposing groups to the government will act in a similar manner, despite the traditional or modern concepts used. In the traditional forms, this irrationality moved into attacking political leaders and creating assassinations, usually which was followed by delivering a message that the system needed to change. Today, the same commitment to delivering this message and to the irrationality of killing civilians to get a message across is the main agenda. The concept has led terrorist campaigns to be linked to the same irrationality and fanaticism throughout history and has altered the way in which all groups act in response to given situations.
The concept of commitment to a message is one which is also driven by the concepts of how one begins to believe in the specific message and mission to be delivered as well as the fanaticism which is used to carry this out. In modern terrorism, most groups are religiously based and pride themselves on delivering a message from a sacred script which is ignored by political leaders and which is causing the destruction of specific systems. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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