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Marginalized people of the Atlantic world - Research Paper Example

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Marginalized people of the Atlantic world.
As intimation to the readers, this is a research paper, being written with a view point to provide a detailed and extensive description regarding the marginalized people of the Atlantic world. …
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Marginalized people of the Atlantic world
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Extract of sample "Marginalized people of the Atlantic world"

Download file to see previous pages First of all who are these marginalized people? Since, it is implied from its name that marginalized people are those who were living on margins or on edges. Yes, these are those people who are living on the lines of Atlantic coasts. These people adopted piracy as their only source of income due to many reasons such as racism, biasness, unemployment, unstable economic conditions, governmental ambitions, and many more. This paper discusses each of these reasons in fairly manner and in the justifies the role of pirates in an efficient manner. For years, pirates were the major cause of damage to the Atlantic world. Whatever it looks now, it is because pirates have done lots of destruction in that area. Their cruelties and inhuman activities last for almost thirteen years. It was all started in the end of 17th century and in the start of 18th century. Being accurate, it began in 1715 and ended up in 1728. It might not look a huge period to the listeners or readers but it was an era of calamities and disasters for all the victims around the Atlantic world. The piracy was so voguish in that epoch that in the history that time is termed as the Golden Age of Piracy. For pirates yes it was a very blissful and harmonious period of time when they achieved almost everything they aimed for. They gathered lots of gold, silver, and other treasures for them. They were very keen and focused towards their goal of being rich as early as possible. Therefore, they have adopted the shortest and illegal way to collect money for them. Now, let us explore what piracy truly is? And what were the major problems in the Atlantic history? In general terms, Piracy is an extremely criminal activity in which pirates plunder ships and communities around a certain area. The piracy executed in the Atlantic region is remembered even today and is considered as the most terrifying act of that eon. In that area, piracy was at its peak because there were lots of opportunities for this kind of inhuman activity. All the trade from the Europe to Africa went through this passage and pirates found it an excellent occasion for themselves. This trade between Europe and Africa has truly flourished piracy in its actual means. The pirates of that area were mostly belonged to Europe i.e. from Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland, and so on. Few of them were from Africa i.e. France, Portugal, Denmark, Belgium, Sweden, and so on. I think that is enough of what piracy is? Now let us bend the discussion of the paper towards the other side of story and that is what made these pirates, actually pirate? And also, why those people preferred piracy as their occupation and rejected all other reputable vocations? Generally, being a common man we just comment on what happened and do not think about why this happened. Whereas there is a valid reason behind everything, that is why whenever we talk about a crime, we should keep in mind that there are few things that should not be overlooked while considering anyone a criminal. Firstly, what is the mental condition of the person who has committed the crime? Secondly, what crime has been committed and in what scenarios? And last but not the least, the location where the crime has been committed? Though laws for all sorts of crimes are there and it does not accept these things but as we are human beings, we can think the other way and thus we should keep in mind these things while coming to any decision regarding any person. There were many reasons for which people of the Atlantic world have chosen piracy as their profession instead of doing otherwise. The later part of this ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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