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How significantly does a democratic political system impinge on the conduct of foreign policy Is such interference desirable - Essay Example

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DEMOCRATIC POLITICAL SYSTEM AND FOREIGN POLICY Name Institution Date The promotion of democracy has been for a long time been the most significant element within the principles and views of the foreign policy of the US (Hassan and Ralph, 2011, p. 509). It is argued that the current foreign policy in the US is upholding democracy as the most important or primary element on which decisions are made on foreign policy…
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How significantly does a democratic political system impinge on the conduct of foreign policy Is such interference desirable
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Extract of sample "How significantly does a democratic political system impinge on the conduct of foreign policy Is such interference desirable"

Download file to see previous pages However positive implications of the element of democracy in the US foreign policy have been demonstrated by its role in enhancing stability in regions of the world that are under political troubles and the use of democracy as a tool of promoting prosperity within the developing nations. This essay gives a critical analysis and argument on the significance and role of democratic ideas on foreign policy with a special focus on the US foreign policy. The essay aims at arguing that the interference of a democratic system on the foreign policy is desirable. Bouchet (2011, p. 572) says that the significance of a democratic political system in shaping the foreign policy is demonstrated by the US foreign policy whose key priority is to spread democracy to other parts of the world. However some schools of thought argue that democracy as defined within the US foreign policy is just one of the strategic objectives that the US designs to impart influence on other nations of the worlds especially within the Asian societies and the developing world (Berger, 2011, p. 38). The issue of democracy is important in the US foreign policy as illustrated by speeches of presidential candidates and the discussions of Members of the Congress who define democracy within the foreign policy of the US. Regardless of this, it is argued that what matters is the where, when and how in the application of foreign policy in regard to the principles of democracy which matters the most (Miller, 2005, p. 174). There are however notable difficulties which are faced by the democratization processes within the US foreign policy whose significance is illustrated by the fact that political leaders have employed costly measures of overcoming these challenges (Clarke, 2000, p. 103). Hassan and Ralph (2011, p. 513) point out that during the First World War; the participation of the US was aimed at making world regions and economies safe enough for exercising democratic political systems, values and principles. Since this war, the US administration has focused energies at ensuring that democracy was promoted in the different political systems of the world. For example presidents Reagan, Bush, Clinton and Obama have demonstrated that the most valuable component of the US foreign policy is the need to promote democracy (Guerlain, 2011, p. 372). The Bush administration demonstrated the impact of democracy on foreign policy by using it as a tool for the promotion of peace and curbing terrorism. In the speeches of Bush, war on terror and democratization was the central component in the description of the US foreign policy (Berger, 2011, p. 47). The significance of democratic political systems in designing foreign policy was demonstrated by the Secretary of State during the Bush Administration, Dr. Condoleezza Rice. The Secretary of State came up with a diplomacy plan in early January, 2006 which was aimed at bringing political transformation by working with political partners to build democratic states and sustain democratic political systems (Bouchet, 2011, p. 577). Emphatically, Rice’s plan was restated in October, 2006 within the State Department. In this sense, democratic political systems are viewed to have a significant impact on the design and implementation of foreign p ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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