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This essay discusses that the United States of America has a long and colorful political history despite the fact that it is a fairly young country. Most of the surviving political parties are thumping their chests over flamboyant political figures that have revolutionized today’s Democratic and Republic parties.   …
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Comparison of Democratic and Republican Ideals
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Download file to see previous pages This essay outlines that in 1792, over 200 years ago, Thomas Jefferson founded the Democratic Party. According to the Democratic Party principles, the party is committed to helping the alienated, the disfranchised and the poor through provision of a government framework that provides them with the opportunity to earn a piece of the American Dream. In this regard, the Democrats pledge to provide a stable government that is relevant to all aspects of human need. The fort of Democratic Party, thus, rests on the strength and power of socially diverse citizens.

This discussion stresses that the Republican Party was founded in the 1850s. Its first president was Abraham Lincoln. He advocated noninterference of the government in whatever people did. They held on to the White House for about 60 of the next 100 years and have since survived as one of today’s two major parties. Modern day ideologies of the Republican can be demonstrated by the presidency of Ronald Reagan. When he assumed power in the early 1980s, Americans were in an economic recession with a series of policy failures in 1970s. He initiated large tax decreases and tightened the foreign policies in order to lead to a strong and consistent economic growth. This ultimately saw the fall of the Soviet Union. The Democrats follow the liberal philosophy which enhances the government’s role in regulation of the economy. Its another principle is the redistribution of income and wealth to the benefit of the needy. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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