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Should the Electoral College still be in place - Essay Example

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The paper would initially shed light of what the current electoral system corresponds to and how it works in selecting a potential candidate. This paper would give a clear picture as to why the current electoral system is an obsolete method of casting presidential votes for the state…
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Should the Electoral College still be in place
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"Should the Electoral College still be in place"

Download file to see previous pages This particular thesis would look back through history for examples where the electoral system on current values have failed to provide a decision based on the unanimous most popular votes achieved and hence appoint office a candidate who significantly does not hold the peoples ideology in running the country. Lastly we would succumb to the fact that prior to twentieth century the electoral system of electing the president was made by people who were the pioneers of their time and society while keeping in mind the common educational awareness in a single voter and how this method would cancel dysfunctional voting which may not be in the best interest of the United States. For matters concerning the voting system upheld by the Electoral College, there have been, for the past two centuries, excessive debates that primarily highlight the loop holes associated with this form of presidential selection. Firstly before jumping in to the jargon of as to why the Electoral College of presidential elections deems a misfit in current society we would on first note take up to the fact that what practically is the Electoral system of voting that we all so often refer to. On theoretical counts the Electoral College system of voting to claim a new head of the state is a method in which electors from every state cast their votes on potential candidates that seek to become the next president so as such the electors hold the key of who becomes the new subsequent head of the state. ...
The votes casted by the American citizens is only associated with the electors of their own state hence even though votes pertaining to a hundred percent favoring either the democrats or the republicans could only and fundamentally suffice for their own states electoral representatives(Glennon; Whittaker et al). The number of electoral reps that every state acquires is a directly proportional figure to the amount of people or residents residing in it and therefore the number of electoral reps in each state varies from one another. For instance Minnesota as being a relatively bigger state than Columbia has seven more electoral votes and hence stands to a 10 to 3 ratio in comparison. The total number of electoral votes situated is five hundred and thirty eight and hence to potentially win an election a candidate must receive more than or equal to two hundred and seventy uncontested votes and effectively claim a winning spot. The voting system in every state apart from Maine and Nebraska has a winner take all methodology on casting electoral votes as such if in any state the democratic or republic party get the majority votes then automatically the other residing votes which may not be in favor of the winning party would also be effectively transferred to the votes of the winning electoral reps. This particular policy has a major drawback concerning the fact that even though a candidate may win the most popular vote of the country it may eventually lose at the mercy of the Electoral college system. Again for instance the nominee from the democratic or republic party gets electoral votes from the majority of states but loses to small margins in larger ones like California, New ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Should the Electoral College Still Be in Place Essay.
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Electoral College
In the electoral vote, each state in the union receives the number of electoral votes equal to the number of its members to Congress, which varies considerably depending on that state’s particular population. States with large populations, like California and Texas, thus receive a greater share of the electoral vote than smaller states, like Rhode Island and Delaware.
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The Electoral College
Each state has a varying number of electors, and each state has different legislation on how these are elected, as specified by the US Constitution. 48 states (excluding Nebraska and Maine) elect their representatives in a winner-takes-all manner, meaning that the elector with the most votes becomes the elector with no representative for the losing competition.
3 Pages(750 words)Essay
Should the Electoral College still be in Place
The latter paper would also initially shed light of what the current electoral system corresponds to and how it works in selecting a potential candidate. This paper would give a clear picture as to why the current electoral system is an obsolete method of casting presidential votes for the state and how with the associated measures and amendments can this selective method be evolved.
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Electoral college
However, only two states held the election in 1789 these were Maryland and Pennsylvania. Each elector had two votes for the office the president. The majority winner become president and the runners up was automatically the vice president. The twelfth amendment requires one vote for vice president and one for president by the electors also known as the Electoral College.
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Electoral College
members of an electoral college are simply people whose wisdom would provide a better and informed choice than a larger body (Longley and Pierce 12-17). It is fallacious that the Electoral College system begun with the United States of America (Moore 254-256). The Germanic law
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Why do we need electoral college Do We need Electoral College today Analyze the history and benefits of Electoral College. If we don't need it why we don't need it
The states consist of different number of electors since the population in the states is also different. Simply, it is possible to calculate the number of electors
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Electoral College

According to the research findings, though the Electoral College is not perfect, the system has significantly tried to curb and solve many challenges that are experienced when conducting elections. To mention among the many problems, bribing, corruption among the officials and even other misconduct during elections, have been in a fabulous way been dealt with appropriately.

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Electoral college
This is because a small number of individuals selected by the citizenry from the general mass most likely possess the discernment and information required for such complicated
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The Electoral College: abolish and replace with a national popular vote or preserve
Each state has a document known as Certificate of Ascertainment. In this document, the names of the individuals who have been appointed as the members to the electoral bodies are located
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