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Western civilization.The rise of Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin. Rise of Islamic Fundamentalism - Essay Example

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The study of history can be tedious and cumbersome to most people but provides many of the important lessons and insights that learning from the past offers to anyone interested in it.This is because knowledge of the various social,economic and political events in the past gives a more thorough understanding of the present …
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Western civilization.The rise of Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin. Rise of Islamic Fundamentalism
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"Western civilization.The rise of Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin. Rise of Islamic Fundamentalism"

Download file to see previous pages The study of history can be tedious and cumbersome to most people but provides many of the important lessons and insights that learning from the past offers to anyone interested in it. This is because knowledge of the various social, economic and political events in the past gives and also provides a guide for the future events as well which prevents committing or repeating the same mistakes or errors. Interpretation of the past is a requisite to have a better grasp of today's events, putting them in the right perspective, context, or understanding enabled with the benefit of hindsight. This paper presents four major historical events which still influenced present events despite the passage of several years. Discussion The four major events were the rise of radical totalitarian dictatorships out of the chaotic political and economic conditions at the turn of the twentieth century, which in turn produced important political figures like Hitler and Stalin who took advantage of those conditions to change the course of world history, the women's movement (sometimes termed as feminism) that originally grew out of the black American civil rights movement and aimed to improve the lot of women like the right of suffrage and lastly, the rise of Islamic fundamentalism or extremism that saw its culmination in the September 11 terrorist attacks and the war in Afghanistan today. The Rise of Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin Totalitarian dictatorships are political systems in which only one person or a small group of just a few persons control the levers of political machinery and the government. Radical totalitarian dictatorships in this regard are political systems in which the government or the state controls all aspects of the life of its citizens, including their private lives, hence the term totality is a reference to state control of all sectors of society, everything for the state and nothing is against the state (as the saying goes). A dictatorship is a form of authoritarianism, in which only a junta, a committee or a small group composed of members of the political elites, hold power by virtue of their authority but implies not all social institutions are totally under state control. The radical term as used here denotes only one person holds all the powers, like Stalin was in Russia. Adolf Hitler was a German politician who was born in Austria (1889-1945) and he rose to power through the Nazi Party of Germany (NSDAP). He was a decorated World War I hero; he was imprisoned briefly in 1923 for a failed coup d'etat but once released the next year, quickly rose in the party ranks due to his populist ideas of pan-Germanism (extreme nationalism), anti-semitism (hatred of Jews) and strong anti-communism views. He was also a terrific orator and is able to convince the German population of his ideas, especially those repudiating the terms of the Treaty of Versailles (peace treaty in WWI) as pretty onerous to the German economy. He went on re-arming Germany in violation of this peace treaty and seized adjoining territories in pursuit of his Lebensraum policy (expanding the living space of Germans), with Germany becoming one party dictatorship under Nazism (nationalist socialism). Germany was able to control most of the European continent and North Africa during the height of its military successes, but Hitler and his wife committed suicide in April 1945 to avoid capture by Red Army forces prior to defeat. Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin was one of the original Bolshevik revolutionaries who had fought in the Russian Revolution of 1917 that brought down the Russian monarchy and considers himself as the rightful heir of Vladimir Lenin by eliminating most of his serious rivals, primarily Leon Trotsky who was assassinated in Mexico City in 1940 as a threat to Stalin's own ambitions. Stalin was ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Western civilization.The Rise of Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin. Rise Essay)
“Western civilization.The Rise of Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin. Rise Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/history/1401434-western-civilizationthe-rise-of-adolf-hitler-and-joseph-stalin-rise-of-islamic-fundamentalism.
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Joseph Stalin
His father worked for village shop and shoe factory that enabled him to focus on his craftsmanship though Stalin’s dejected childhood is mostly attributed to him for the misery caused by frequent physical beatings of his son. Despite being a peasant woman, on the other hand, the mother of Stalin dreamed for him at teenage youth to aspire for priesthood so that she eventually sent him to a school of theology at Tpilisi (Tiflis) where he could study as a seminarian and serve in the ministry afterwards (Joseph Stalin Biography).
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This research gives a comparison of their differing view points and how they both rose to power in their countries. Some of the points show that while Stalin was focused on building an industrialized empire, Hitler was attempting to form a communist control over the whole world, which characterize both of them as being self-centered and hungry for power.
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Account for the rise of Islamic fundamentalism in the latter part of the 20th century
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the coercive action to their position, rather than to themselves as persons, and if they can maintain socio-psychological distance from those they are coercing as enemies, inferiors, and troublemakers” (p. 242). Hitler was thus effective in making coercion acceptable to the
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Adolf Hitler
The actions and policies of his regime led to the atrocities previously unparalleled in human history, and the irrationality of many of his political moves led many to believe that the reason for this must supposedly be sought in the personal dementia of Hitler.
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They tend to question as to why people behave differently. I wish to analyze the personality of the world’s famous man, Adolf Hitler. He is among the few people with unique personalities in the world. He led
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Hitler was of the view that God had chosen him to serve as a dictator in Germany. His urge to rule the whole world motivated him to go to such lengths where others could not even think of going. People generally trusted him because his self confidence was marvelous, though many other factors were involved in the empowerment of Nazis in Germany in addition to the outstanding leadership of Hitler.
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