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What were the motivations of war in Iraq - Essay Example

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War Many debates have emanated about the War on Iraq as orchestrated by President George Bush. As a result, the motivation and justification of the war have varied significantly since the 2003 US invasion of Iraq (Fisher and Nigel 687)…
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What were the motivations of war in Iraq
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Download file to see previous pages The motivation of the war on Iraq includes political, economic and social factors. Nonetheless, it is notable that later, the war faced a lot of resistance and opposition even from the Americans themselves. This is due to the negative consequences or implications of the war on the Iraq people, Americans and the two economies. This essay gives a critical analysis and discussion on US war on Iraq with a view of arguing that the motivation for the war was not justified. In 2003, the Bush administration argued that Iraq was a security threat to the US. This was based on assertions that Iraq had links with Al Qaeda terrorist group. This was translated to mean that Iraq was a terrorist threat to the American people (Sirin 254). On the other hand it is argued that Bush failed to prove the link between terrorists and Iraq (McHugh 458). In justifying the war, the Bush administration pointed out that there was a connection between the masterminds of the September 11 terror attacks and Saddam Hussein, the then Iraqi leader (Coe 307). Nonetheless it is further argued that there is no evidence to support this connection (McHugh 459). The connection was related to postulates that Saddam was actively manufacturing weapons of mass murder. It was further predicted that there was a likelihood that these weapons would fall into the hands of the Al Qaeda group of terrorists (Fisher and Nigel 688). ...
Analysis of these assertions only act to disclose that the issue of nuclear threat from Iraq was not an honest justification for the war. Moreover, it has been argued that the US administration was aware that military action was not the best strategy of fighting terror and yet went ahead to declare war against Iraq (Miller 53). The risks that the Iraq war was associated with such as recruitment of terrorists and nuclear weapons falling in the hands of terrorists act to further demonstrate that the justification of the Bush government were not adequate to lead into war (Biggar 30). America’s commitment to fight terrorism was revealed by the Bush administration which budgeted for $1 billion for the sake of funding the operations of CIA within Iraq (Miller 57). A story published by Newsweek titles “The Salvador Option” described the plans of the pentagon to legitimate death squads that were aimed at countering any resistance to the US’s occupation in Iraq (Blanka 287). The publication disclosed that the Bush administration deemed the Sunni population as supports of terrorists and as a result they had to pay a price (Coe 320). It is because of this that the US invasion of Iraq has been described as a dirty war which was not based on unreliable evidence that the Sunni population had any support for terrorist groups (Davies 438). Opponents of the Iraq war point out that the Bush administration targeted Iraq civilians rather than the actual terrorists and resistance fighters (Biggar 34). It is in this sense therefore that the war against Iraq was not justified. The connection that was said to exist between Saddam and terrorists includes Abu Nidal and terrorist organizations (Blanka 280). The Bush administration asserted ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(What Were the Motivations of War in Iraq Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words)
What Were the Motivations of War in Iraq Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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