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To what extent has globalisation changed the nature of work - Essay Example

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This essay seeks to examine the impacts of globalisation on the nature of work in the modern world.  With many people across the world embracing globalisation, the manner of doing work has witnessed notable changes…
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To what extent has globalisation changed the nature of work
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Extract of sample "To what extent has globalisation changed the nature of work"

Download file to see previous pages Globalisation refers to spread as well as connectedness of communication, technologies, and production across the world. This spread has encompassed the interplay of cultural and economic activities. Some people argue that globalisation entails the efforts of World Bank and international Monetary Fund to create a global market, which will ensure the free flow of goods and services. Because of globalisation, the interdependence and connectivity of the world’s businesses and markets has become a reality. In the last two decades, globalisation has witnessed a dramatic alteration, with advances in technology making it possible for people conduct international business, communicate, and travel. Some scholars argue that the principal driving forces of globalisation in the recent past include the rise of the internet, as well as the massive advancements in telecommunications. This has seen the alternation and numerous changes in the nature of work (Morgan 2001, p. 33). This essay supports the argument that globalisation has indeed brought many changes in the nature of work. In the first part of the essay, the impact of globalisation on the nature of work at the macro level and the broad context will be analyzed. In the second part, the essay will discuss how globalisation has affected the nature of work through communication and transport. Thirdly, the essay will look into the impacts of globalisation on the nature of work in terms of employment, trade unions, as well as traditional industries. Further, the essay will focus on the impacts of globalisation on human resources, working conditions in developing countries, and the impacts on human work. The impact of globalisation on the Macro level One of the changes brought about by globalisation in the nature of work includes the impact of globalisation at the macro level. In the global context, the intensification of social relations across the world has linked distant localities. As a result, the local events borrow much from the events taking place worldwide. At the macro level, the arena of work has witnessed numerous changes as a result of globalisation. Globalisation has interlinked the world economy; this has had impacts on the mobility of labour and capital. With globalisation, it has become possible to move capital from one place to another. Likewise, globalisation has affected the mobility of labour across the world. This has led to the emergence of new jobs in places where they never existed. In addition, the movement of capital has led to the introduction of new industries, which have changed the work done in such places (Morgan 2001, p. 35). Another change of globalisation on the nature of work is that it has led to changes in the global exchanges, especially in the arena of financial exchanges and world trade. This has resulted to the acceleration in the liberalisation and deregulation of trade, which has been aided by transfers of capital and currency exchange. International trade has opened up the market to market forces; this has seen the reduction in tariffs, control of exports and imports, as well as other means of protection. Consequently, this has affected the nature of work done by the people across the world. States have also weakened their regulations, leading to an increase in market competition. As a result, traders have had the opportunity to change the nature of work since they can deal in goods, which their countries do not produce (Morgan 2001, p. 36). Globalisation has also altered the nature of work with the rise in the number of multinational corporations acting worldwide. With little reference to national boundaries, multinational corporations have organized themselves. As such, they have designed ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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