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USS Constitution vs HMS Guerriere (War of 1812) - Research Paper Example

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The momentous battle between USS Constitution and the HMS Guerriere was a single-ship action which would impact on the War of 1812. This battle was seen after the war broke out and served to eventually improve the morale of the American people…
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USS Constitution vs HMS Guerriere (War of 1812)
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"USS Constitution vs HMS Guerriere (War of 1812)"

Download file to see previous pages Secondly, an overview of both ships shall then be presented. Lastly, this paper will establish a critical analysis of the battle in the larger context of the war. Concluding remarks shall end this discussion. This paper is being carried out in order to establish a more thorough and critical understanding of the clash between the two aforementioned ships, including their place in the momentous War of 1812. Body War of 1812 The War of 1812 is considered a war between the US and Britain. The US declared war against Britain for many reasons, mostly related to the trade restrictions which Britain imposed on the US as an offshoot of its war with France1. The US was also declaring its protest against Britain for the latter’s practice in the impressment (seizing sailors into public service) of American sailors into its own navy. Britain was also supporting American Indians on their actions against American expansion2. The US was also outraged over the insults on its national identity following its humiliation on the high seas, and lastly, the war was also said to be brought on by the American desire to conquer Canada3. Initially, Britain employed defensive tactics on Upper and Lower Canada in an attempt to push back invading American troops. However, American troops soon successfully annexed Lake Erie in 1813, going on to control parts of Western Ontario, thereby ending any hope of an Indian confederacy and an Independent Indian country under British protection4. General Andrew Jackson was also able to overwhelm military troops of the Creek nation in 1814. When Napoleon was defeated in 1814, however, Britain employed more aggressive tactics, and deployed more invasion troops5. Soon after, British victories were seen, resulting in the capture and destruction of Washington, D.C. American troops were nevertheless able to push back British troops out of New York, Baltimore, and New Orleans. The war was fought at sea through British and American warships and through privateers who then proceeded to attack the merchant ships for either side6. Britain also implemented a blockade of the Atlantic coast of the US, thereby launching raids during the late stages of the war. American victories at sea were mostly single ship battles and battles against Britain provincial ships on the Great Lakes7. The land and the sea battles were seen on the frontier, covering the Great Lakes and Saint Lawrence River. In the South and Gulf coasts, major skirmishes between the battling parties were seen, and the US troops successfully pushed out the British forces at New Orleans8. Invasions of each other’s territories were rampant throughout the war however, most of these invasions were temporary as neither side was able to establish more permanent annexations. By the end of the war, both sides were able to conquer each other’s territories9. In the end, the Treaty of Ghent restored the territories of either party. USS Constitution The USS Constitution was a battle ship of the US Navy. It was wooden-hulled and was a three-masted heavy frigate dubbed by President George Washington after the US Constitution10. It was also the world’s oldest commissioned naval ship. In 1797, the USS Constitution began its journey, joining six original frigates constructed under mandate from the Naval Act of 179411. It was built in Boston and her initial functions as a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(USS Constitution Vs HMS Guerriere (War of 1812) Research Paper)
“USS Constitution Vs HMS Guerriere (War of 1812) Research Paper”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/history/1399755-uss-constitution-vs-hms-guerriere-war-of.
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