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General Course of the War of 1812 - Assignment Example

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The assignment "General Course of the War of 1812" states that the “War of 1812” occurred between Great Britain and the colonies located at the “British North America” which was later known as Canada. The span of the year was from 1812 to 1815 and it took place both in sea and land…
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General Course of the War of 1812
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Extract of sample "General Course of the War of 1812"

Disasters occurred at the part of America as the force led by General William Hull had to surrender to the Canadian force headed by Isaac Brock. Then again the American Army showed good performance on the seas. Constitution achieved victory over Guerrière and Macedonian was taken over by America and these two are considered the most glorious achievements of the warfare although in 1813 the British supremacy was established on the sea war. In 1813, September, America got the victory at Lake Erie and it paved the path of advancements of the United States against the rivals. During the initial months of the year 1814, the economical condition and the supply of resources suffered decline which made the prospects gloomy for America. New England took a hostile approach and Napoleon came back to Europe which helped Britain to invest more power in the ongoing war. In 1814, September, the British fleet was conquered near Plattsburgh. In the month of August, the British army made an expedition to the Chesapeake Bay and won at Bladensburg. They burnt the White House and the capitol city Washington. But the victory of Britain was stopped at Fort McHenry near Baltimore. The force of Jackson moved towards New Orleans in Louisiana in the month of November 1814. Within the period of December 1814 to January 1815, the city was defended from the huge British force headed by “Major-General Sir Edward Pakenham”. After the “Treaty of Ghent” the British army stopped further attacks on New Orleans.
2) What was the nature of politics like in the 19th century, and why?
According to Madison US was very much capable of defending themselves and also to capture a large share of Canada at the time of Napoleon’s defeat. Canadian colonies did not have much force from the British. The problems of the Northwestern Frontier were resolved temporarily by the “Jay Treaty” and “Treaty of Greenville”. Incidents like “Chesapeake-Leopard Affair” provoked tension between the two countries. In the year 1811, the “War Hawks” leaded by their Speaker Mr. Henry Clay showed agitation to declare war against British power. In the mean time although Britain revoked all restrictions levied over the commerce of America, the news reached the country after they had declared the war. (Conspicuous Consumption, 1902)
3) Without a doubt, the 19th century Middle Class has had a greater effect on American standards of morals and etiquette, than any other single group of people. In fact, much of what is termed “traditional in today’s context is essentially a water-down version of their daily practices. Thus, define the Middle Class? (Also, keep an eye out for whether or not they lived up to the standards of morality they supposedly espoused.).
With the accumulation of wealth, a leisure class was developed and differentiation occurred within this class which was further promoted by factors like inherited wealth and decorum. Those who were the weaker members of the leisure class were considered middle class. The wives from the middle class also executed the vicarious leisure business. Economic circumstances reduced most of the middle-class family heads. But the middle-class households were far different from the leisure class. The etiquette and morals of American society has derived a lot of factors from the Middle Class of the 19th century. Read More
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(General Course of the War of 1812 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 694 words - 4, n.d.)
General Course of the War of 1812 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 694 words - 4. Retrieved from
(General Course of the War of 1812 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 694 Words - 4)
General Course of the War of 1812 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 694 Words - 4.
“General Course of the War of 1812 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 694 Words - 4”, n.d.
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