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The Quality of Interpretive Provision - Essay Example

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This paper endeavors to evaluate the quality of interpretive provision. The quality of interpretive provision over the natural assets has touched new highs with the contribution of such personalities, as John C. Merriam who furthered the educative aim of Crater Lake National Park. …
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The Quality of Interpretive Provision
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Download file to see previous pages According to the study conducted Natural England manages Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) including some of the country’s wonderful and splendid habitats. Globally famous wildlife sites are ranked as Special Areas of Conservation (SACs), Special Protection Areas (SPSs). Natural England has fixed themes and priorities for 2008-2011 for the use of ALSF grant. Out of the selected themes, theme 4 dealing with education and understanding stresses on the provision of educational and interpretive opportunities in the context of landscape, biodiversity and geo-diversity constituents of the natural environment on and in proximity to the sites affected by extraction. Innovative approaches to education and interpretation is one of the priorities of theme 4. See the map below for the number of grants and their percentages for various regions of the Natural England. Effective interpretation must be fulfilling the audience expectations. It should provide vivid experience to the listeners. It should be a planned composition and adhere to an essential theme so that the visitor follows it and feels engrossed to match it with own similar experiences. Audience should get a feeling of reverence by the interpreter. The researcher states that heritage interpretation has progressed in the past decades to become mellowed since Freeman Tilden wrote ‘Interpreting our Heritage’ in 1957. Interpretation has played a significant part in enlivening decreasing urban, industrial and rural regions via tourism and conservation programmes. ...
Direct interaction with the visitors can be customised as per visitors’ inquiries and interests by answering 'on the spot’; comparatively interpretive signage is less flexible as the visitors can not provide instant response on signage. It is, therefore, critical for signage to be much more pertinent than other kinds of interpretation (UQ, 2006). Ideally interpretive signs should be inspected from visitors’ point of view, their inquisitions, anxieties and their knowledge. The visitors’ responses should form the basis of an interpretive signage (UQ, 2006). Warning Signs Extra precaution needs to be taken for not creating any ambiguity over the content of the message for double-meaning and culturally particular statement. It is more relevant while designing warning signs, as any wrong communication can be detrimental to the life of visitors. Local people may be well aware of possible environmental risks but visitors have no idea of the place. Therefore, waning signs need to provide functional information for the prevention of possible loss (UQ, 2006). Designing warning signs There are four key elements that a warning sign include, which are the word ‘Warning’, or ‘Caution’, a sentence about the risk, a possible outcome of ignoring the risk and instructions on taking precautions, as shown above (UQ, 2006). A warning sign should be easily visible and differentiable from general instructions such as interpretive information. It can be written in colour for enhanced visibility, as red colour is linked with danger zone. Contrast between the background and text provides clarity to the message (UQ, 2006). Size The size of the alert message and the type font used is critical although research is not ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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