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Events form the history which have been influenced by the tax policy issue - Essay Example

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This research will begin with the description of the American evolution and the American civil war. The research continued with the discussion of the Relevance of the event to tax policy. Last part contains the personal evaluation that the researcher assessed from these events. …
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Events form the history which have been influenced by the tax policy issue
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Download file to see previous pages The paper tells that in current modern environment, the world is moving towards 5th generation. People always want to live in safe and healthy environment. The safe and healthy environment only possible when the all the internal systems of a country in controlled in effective manner. For this purposes, governments of different countries have made quality tax rules to run the internal systems in efficient manner. The people pay the money in the form of taxes to governments and governments spend this money to rum the system of their country. There are many interesting events in the history that which have been influenced by the tax policy issue. An example of this can be seen in the case of Lady, Godiva. According to the popular legend, Lady Godiva rode naked through the streets of Coventry to protest against her husband oppressive tax system. She also appealed against her husband. Another recent example can be seen in the case of Tea party movement in the United States. The Tea Party movement is a political movement in America that is generally recognized as conventional and libertarian party. This Political movement is also supported by the political candidates. The main goals of this movement are to encourage the government to reduce capital spending and level of heavy taxes. Tea party movement also enforces the government to reduce the tax rate. The voters of Tea party movement think that excessive high taxes are a burden on the citizens of US. Tea party movement refers that the high taxes are the way of legalized robbery. There are two more events form the history is discussed in this essay. The first event is the American evolution and the second event is American civil war. These both events have been influenced by the tax policy issue. These events have been discussed in detail. The first part of the event contains description of the event. At the second part, The Relevance of the event to tax policy has been discussed. Last part contains the personal evaluation that I assessed from these events. American Revolution Description of the American Revolution American Revolution is one of the major events in history that make material influences on the tax policies. Generally, American Revolution was referred to a fight between Britain and America. According to history, the main reason of the American Resolution is the system of taxes that Britain imposed on American colonies. Britain imposed the taxation on approval of the parliament. They did not represent these taxes in the parliament. On the other hand, colonials did not want to pay taxes on their routine import and exports. Some of the biggest merchants also denied paying taxes on their trading. In 1607, these colonies were isolated form its mother country due to the French and Indian war1. The kind sates that, the colonies have ability to take care of their own matters. He argued that the colonials have the rights to settle their own external and internal disputes. In this mean time British are busy in foreign wars and they did not understand the complexity of this matter. At the end of these wars the British imposed taxes on colonies to restore them in previous state. Colonials denied following the new tax system because they thought that it is the violation of their natural rights. They do not have any liability to pay these taxes. They also state argued that these taxes are to pay off the cost of the wars between England and France. There are also other reasons of American Revolution but taxes are those were imposed to pay off the cost of wars acted as the oil on the flame. The people of the colonies did not want to pay taxes without a proper representation. American colonies always wanted to live as an independent nation. For this purpose, they had set ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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