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The role of mediation towards conflict resolution (with examples) - Essay Example

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This research presents the role of mediation towards conflict resolution. Conflict is one of the aspects in human’s life that no one can run away from and overcoming or resolving conflicts is one of the beneficial and fruitful things that can build strong associations and bonding between people…
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The role of mediation towards conflict resolution (with examples)
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Download file to see previous pages The paper tells that in the todays fast pace world of utter competition, in order to accomplish the goals and objectives, team working has become a necessity. The team or the group of people works towards a common goal where all the members are proficient enough to make decisions, solve problems, and share responsibilities. However, when one or more than one person works on a particular task or activity, discrepancies, inconsistent views or conflict is likely to occur generally. This is because every individual not only belongs to different backgrounds but also have lived diverse and dissimilar experiences in their lives, and thus, it leads to have diverse and dissimilar perceptions even when working on a common goal. In some situations, the conflict is nominal and may cause lesser amount of stress, however, in other cases; it might prove to have worse effects. Therefore, the understanding of the temperament and nature of the conflict is of great importance, which can lead to the constructive solutions as to how the conflict can come under resolution in a beneficial manner in order to improve the relationships that come under its affection. Studies reveal the fact that numerous causes can add to conflicts. In fact, when a person or a group of people comes under employment to perform a particular task that is contrasting to their needs or interest, conflicts is likely to occur. In addition, when the group of people has exclusive and independent behavioral preferences with respect to their mutual actions can also give rise to conflicts. A number of people do not have the ability or proficiency to communicate effectively and efficiently. Therefore, poor communication skills between people are also one of the prime reasons that can cause conflict. It has also come under observation that inadequate skills and knowledge are also one of the imperative contributors for creating a conflict amongst the people (Pahl, Richter & Rohrschneider, pp. 3-10, 2009). This is due to the reason that if a person in a group of people lack special skills or knowledge, the goals is unlikely to come under execution, which escalates the probability of conflict. The mentioned were few of the instances that can lead to conflicts amongst people, however, conflict resolution provides various solutions that can eliminate the differences between the people and improve or enhance their bond or correlation (Pahl, Richter & Rohrschneider, pp. 3-10, 2009). It has come to notice that culture plays a dominant, leading, and sensitive role in conflict resolution whether it is on a professional practice or in academic field. This can come under well understanding with the notion that in Western civilization, people in general opt for and promote open communication among disputants, solves their issues and outline agreements on a mutual basis that meet the principal and basic needs of both the parties. This means that the conflict resolvers make both the parties agree to have a win-win situation where all the people under conflict get an equal satisfactory circumstance. A win-win situation is essential in the non-Western culture as well, but the way of resolving the conflict is somewhat different in nature (Avruch, pp. 24-27, 1998). However, while looking at the other end of the spectrum ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The topic of "The role of mediation towards conflict resolution (with examples)" is quite often seen among the assignments in university. Still, this paper opens a brand new perspective of seeing the question. I’ll use the style for my own essay.

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