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The Joint Intelligence Committee model - Essay Example

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1.0. Introduction
Numerous researchers and analysts have compiled several articles and reports on the Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC). The Joint Intelligence Committee is one of the highest level of conflict resolution by the British government. …
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The Joint Intelligence Committee model
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Download file to see previous pages The most sparkling thing with the Joint Intelligence Committee is that the committee has managed to maneuver all the critics and scandals that are likely to occur in such a remarkable organization and of high value. According to Aldrich (1992, pp.112) Joint Intelligence Committee is a success that the British government has enjoyed for a long period of time. With time, the Joint Intelligence Committee has attained the label of the government’s flagship. Other researchers have traced the reports of the Britain’s central intelligence in the quest for looking for information that answers all questions that pertain to the Joint Intelligence Committee. In fact, other analysts have made a great attempt to trace the works of the Joint Intelligence Committee’s former chairman, all in an endeavor to understand their records and thoughts on the Committee.
This essay will undertake a detailed research on the Joint Intelligence Committee by analyzing the works of various analysts who have undertaken a great percentage of their time to conduct a detailed research on the project. For an understanding of the project, it is important to evaluate the parallel systems in other countries, to comprehend the effectiveness of the Committee. In as much the Joint Intelligence Committee has recorded massive failures whilst in its operations, notable- the onset and closing stages of the cold war- it is important that, both sides of the operations are weighed to avoid bias wile taking the final conclusion. For instance, if the Joint Intelligence Committee is judged on the basis that, it was able to predict the attack of the Soviet bomb to the Britons by 1954, but occurred by 1949, would be taking a harsh stand on the ability of the Joint Intelligence Committee to create a situation whereby they are able to come up with workable solutions on the validity and reliability of the committee. 2.0. Brief history on the Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC) The Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC) has had the longest history prior to its establishment. Grant (2009, pp.178) indicates that, the Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC) traces its roots to the early 1940s. During this period, the Committee played the role of a synchronizing the founder chiefs of the organizations in order to, have a stable base of operation. The major proponents of this Committee included, the directors and delegates of persons with intelligence form various governments’ settings like, UKs army, navy, Economic warfare as well as, the coordinator of information. The growth and development of the Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC) was hastened by the 1947 National Security Amendment that made room for refurbishing the outmoded approach. It is after 1947, that the Committee witnessed hastened growth with the incorporation of persons with ideas on the advancing intelligence in all forms of the Committees’ systems and departments. For instance, it is at this time that, the Committee aimed at creating a situation whereby military intelligence is combined. However, the Committee did not manage to create a unified military intelligence attributes from Phythian’s (2005, pp.654) argument that, no evidence has been documented on the Committees’ statistics that national intelligence estimations are vivid. In response, research conducted by Aldrich (1992, pp.98), indicates that, the committee had to conduct a series of meetings in an attempt to alleviate the hitches that were present in the system as well as, allocating specific roles to various members of the committee. For ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The topic of "The Joint Intelligence Committee model" is quite often seen among the assignments in university. Still, this paper opens a fresh perspective of seeing the problem. I’ll use the idea for my own essay.

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