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Exploring Presidental elections and Presidental Power between President Ronald Reagan and President Barack Obama - Research Paper Example

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Name Instructor Course Date Presidential powers of Reagan and Obama President Ronald Reagan In 1980, Reagan became the president of US after defeating Jimmy Carter. Reagan wounded in an assassination immediately after he took office. He adopted the policies on supply side economics to promote rapid growth of the US economy and reduce deficit of the federal government…
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Exploring Presidental elections and Presidental Power between President Ronald Reagan and President Barack Obama
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Download file to see previous pages During his reign, his administration concluded an important treaty with Soviet Union in order to restrict the intermediate range for nuclear weapons conducted in a proxy war with Nicaragua through the services it offered on the contras. Thus, it invaded the grenade ostensibly to prevent the Soviet Island from becoming an outpost of the Soviet. In 1984, Reagan was re-elected by a huge margin back to the white house. This paper will analyze the presidential powers of Reagan during his reign as the president of the US. Reagan’s taking office that was ushered shortly in his popular acceptance for supply of the side economics both with bellicosity abroad and at home. He was given a political honeymoon after an unsuccessful assassination attempts in 1981. The democrats in the north and the south supported President Reagan’s domestic policy (Cannon 33-35). He therefore instituted a program that focused on phasing out taxes and increasing expenditures on defense of the government. Furthermore, education and welfare budgets were cut, and unanimously accepted, by the congress (Lawson 38). This was a deregulation program of business and a measure of tightening control of information concerned about the government. During his reign, Reagan’s staff contemplated on legislation of the British secret acts until they realized that loyalty was paramount for the detection of the lies. In the foreign policy, other countries were alarmed due to the frank nature of the triumphant of the American rhetoric and determination of the administration in imposing the leadership in America and its priorities. He used his position as the president to pressure for the catapulted movement of the NATO in to order increase expenditures on military. For instance, Reagan affronted even Margaret a staunch supporter to sell grains to USSR to raise money to boost the military. This was like pleasing the agribusiness sector aimed at supporting the US subsidiaries companies that based in Europe. He also managed to prevent Western Europe from importing natural gas, which Russia demanded. The fears of the nuclear weapons receded when Reagan agreed to limit his expenditure on arms talks with Russia and reduced on the tone of the bellicose rhetoric. This progress passed in a summit held in Geneva with Russian president Gorbachev. Reagan’s domestic policies of the US recessed the economy, which meant that his re-election was uncertain. In 1984 November, he got a huge margin of the votes than 1980 election. He exercised peace abroad and gained fame locally. His policy of not ruling but reigning made him famous and extended his congressional action. Furthermore, Reagan presided over for the breakup of USSR claiming victory in the cold war. He was rhetoric a symbolic conservative thinker whose legacy became a strong boom to the economy. He recaptured the national confidence and decayed the spirit of the community that resulted from community inequalities. Most symbolically, he tripled the national debt for US (Owen 235). During his reign for two terms, Reagan sought through all means to reduce domestic programs of the US federal government (Cannon 123). During his first years in office, he adopted the theory of the supply side to stimulate the production and the control of the high inflation by cutting the tax and reducing federal spending. 1982, was the year of major recession ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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