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Analysis of the political change the United States underwent in 2008-2011 - Research Paper Example

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Analysis of the Political Change the United States Underwent In 2008-2011 Introduction United States has undergone many political changes since it gained its independence. There have been considerable political changes in the United States politics between 2008 and 2011…
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Analysis of the political change the United States underwent in 2008-2011
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Download file to see previous pages Political Philosophy The political situation of the United States from 2008 to the present day has been shaped by the President Obama’s political philosophy. President Barrack Obama political philosophy tends towards the leftist ideology. His focus on majority of the things is based on socialism. Socialism is an ideology that consists of redistribution of wealth through taxation and government programs. His presidential campaigns were dominated by Yes We Can mantra thus, making himself the personification of hope for the American future. He was of the ideology that the grassroots movements could change United States. However, after two years of his leadership, the ingrained “national pessimism about the economy has taken a toll, and it is Republicans, seemingly poised to seize the House of Representatives” (Breitbart, 2011) and they are posing as agents of change. Republicans criticize President Obama for not delivering the changes he promised in 2008 and they assert that the Americans have not experienced it (Breitbart, 2011). As a presidential candidate in 2008, Obama appeared less ideological and more moderate and he vowed to unite the Republicans and Democrats under one nation. His tactics to embrace his foes in his presidency was obstructed by the staunch Republicans and thus, his appearance to the voters as a post-partisan president was largely damaged. He was forced to expose the largest government intervention to save the sinking economy; he took big chunks of the auto sectors and finance and framed stimulus package worth 800 billion dollars. President Obama implemented a social agenda with the Wall Street and health care reform; this made it easy for the Republicans to assert that Obama was eyeing a major government conquest in a country where there is deep-rooted government suspicions. Republicans argue that Obama lacks a defining political tag; he was not at ease, for example, with the politics of the New Democrat (Breitbart, 2011). Conservatives seem him as a radical person but his followers on the left are not happy with the change because it was not as expected. Some of the liberals are not happy with Obama because he failed to endorse promises to permit gays to serve directly in the military or near the Guantanamo Bay. Others want investigations into the alleged abuses (in his war against terror) by the Bush Administration. Liberals are very disappointed with Obama and the independent voters who supported him in 2008 are joining the Republicans in large numbers (Breitbart, 2011). Thus, the popularity of Obama is diminishing on a daily basis due to his political philosophy and the failure to fulfill most of the promises he made in 2008. Economic Issues Like the other nations, United States is an exceptional to the problems associated with the economic disasters facing these nations. Majority of the people cannot see the obvious signs of the economic crisis facing the United States. The United States is no longer capable of producing what it needs in order to sustain itself. The nation imports more than it exports and it is selling off majority of its assets. To sustain its standard of living, the nation is taking huge debts; the standard of living the nation is attempting to sustain is beyond the abilities of the nation. United States is almost becoming entirely ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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