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Christopher Columbus - Essay Example

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Section A: 2. Discovery of America by Christopher Columbus is held to be in appropriate and false as some historical evidence reflect the fact that America was discovered by Scandinavians in the early tenth century. It is believed that in the Viking era a group of Scandinavians who were sailors and warriors actually discovered America…
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Christopher Columbus
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Download file to see previous pages Some people held the proposition that Norse actually explored the northeastern North America and may be beyond that. Various documents from the Norroena collection support the view that the Norse reached the Georgia or South Carolina, though these views have often faced wide controversies all over. Recent beliefs and studies suggest that the first European to reach America was Leifur Eriksson who reached America as early as in the 11th Century. In spite of all this beliefs it is still widely believed that it was Christopher Columbus who discovered America in the year 1492 in his first voyage. Section B. 4. Puritans were a group of people who lived in the Churches of England and devoted their life’s towards religious, morals and the social views. They entered in America in order to escape the persecution from the leadership of the church. In the new world the puritans faced a wide range of problems. The biggest problem faced by them was that they faced persecution. Apart from the persecution they faced shortage of food, hard living conditions. The puritans faced repeated life threats from the group of Indians and they were isolated, They did not received any sort of help from the civil society and lived their days in fear. They had to struggle with the nature also as they had to face harsh winters. Puritans wanted to maintain spirituality in every thing they do which was very difficult for the modern worked to accept. In an open environment, maintenance of such rituals was not possible and it was the problem they faced in America. Colonials view was abandoned in England and the idea was desolated because of the strictness and the rigidness mentioned. Section D The new American government faced an economic problem. The Federal Government faced a huge debt of $54 million. Foreign credit was unavailable and paper currency became useless. Alexander Hamilton was asked to look into this problem. The problem that Hamilton faced was a huge national debt. He asked the government to assume the entire debt of the federal government and the states. Certain states like Maryland, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Virginia, saw no logic as to why they should be taxed by the federal government to pay off the debts of other states like Massachusetts and South Carolina, especially when they had already paid off their own debts. Even then, Hamilton’s debt program was implemented, and it was a success. (Clark 2011, pp 233) Later, a political division started to take shape in the form of a conflict between Jefferson, Madison and Hamilton. Hamilton used the Bank of England as a role model for the Bank of United States. He favored a government by the rich, who would support the government and laid emphasis on commerce and industry. Jefferson on the other hand was a classical liberal. He believed in broad diffusion of wealth while Hamilton’s ideas concentrated wealth in the hands of few. Jefferson favored limited participation in the economy while Hamilton tried to put on heavy tariffs so that Americans could compete in the world market (Katz & Vencill; Hamiltons Fiscal Program). Hamilton’s idea of industrialization was opposed because it segregated from Jefferson’s conception of U.S. Jefferson saw it as a Utopian Agrarian society which would be ruined by industrialization. Hamilton ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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