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Special Guardianship Orders Children Care Planning - Case Study Example

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The importance of right education psychological support and healthcare to children cannot be underestimated. An author of this essay "Special Guardianship Orders Children Care Planning" seeks to discuss a guardian given to the parents and children by the special guardianship orders…
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Special Guardianship Orders Children Care Planning
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Download file to see previous pages Special guardianship orders (SGO) can be described as a process through which one or more persons are chosen by the law to be a child’s special guardian. The order was enacted in 1989 and its main purpose was to cater for children whose parents were deemed irresponsible to take full charge of parenting thus were considered to be better off when given to others to carry out the task. Today, children whose parents are not in a situation to cater for their basic needs are catered for under the Children Act of 1989. Adoption on the hand refers to the process of adopting a child and taking it as yours. In this paper and as eminent in the case study of care planning ‘Caitlin and Ben’, I will discuss SGO over adoption. This is because contrary to adoption, children under Special Guardianship Order always enjoy the happiness and joy of remaining in touch with their biological families. In addition, SGO is extremely essential for children because one reason or the other may not be suitable candidates for adoption. An example is that from the case study, Caitlin (aged 7) and Ben (4) are children whose parents are still alive but facing different issues therefore, it would not be appropriate to adopt them as they and the parents share a bond and may still need or miss each other in the future (Fahlberg, 2012).
Under the SGO, an individual applying to be as a special guardian is given the parental responsibility of a parent. This may include parenting, educating among other roles played by other normal parents. Those who are deemed fit to apply are further addressed in Children Act 1989, section 14A(8), (9). However, in most cases, the order always last until the child or children in question attains the age of eighteen years (Koocher & Keith-Spiegel, 1993). There exist instances where the order is changed or cancelled and the reasons are highlighted as follows. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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