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The Significance of Regular Exercise in the Maintenance of a Healthy Mind and Body - Term Paper Example

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The author evaluates the importance of regular exercise in maintaining a healthy body and mind and to what extent should the state play a role in ensuring that its citizens exercise regularly. The author states that having a healthy lifestyle has been proven to have a number of immense benefits…
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The Significance of Regular Exercise in the Maintenance of a Healthy Mind and Body
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Extract of sample "The Significance of Regular Exercise in the Maintenance of a Healthy Mind and Body"

Download file to see previous pages NHS (2013) points out that people who engage in a regular activity tend to have a greatly reduced risk of developing many of the various chronic diseases such as type II diabetes, some types of cancer, heart disease, and even stroke. Although the benefits of exercise are relatively well known in the modern world, it is unfortunate that people tend to be less active as a result of the rather increased use of technology that has caused our lives to become easier. People are nowadays generally less active as compared to a few decades ago when it was necessary to engage in menial physical activity on nearly a daily basis. Relatively very few numbers of people regularly engage in doing manual work and most jobs can be noted as involving very little physical effort. The burden of leading a healthy lifestyle and encouraging others to do so as well should not only be borne by the concerned individuals but the government as well (c3 Collaborating for Health (2011).

Engaging in physical exercise has been linked to a number of benefits some of the physical benefits of regular exercise include the fact that regular exercise helps in protecting individuals from developing undesirable blood lipid patterns and high blood pressure which can eventually develop into strokes (NHS, 2013). By strengthening heart muscles, lowering bad cholesterol, increasing good cholesterol, enhancing blood flow and lowering the blood pressure, exercise is seen to help in greatly reducing the risk of heart diseases in individuals. Regular physical exercise has also been linked to helping protect against type II diabetes by enhancing weight loss, increasing an individual’s insulin sensitivity as well as improving the cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Cancers such as breast and colon cancers can also be effectively prevented by engaging in regular exercise. Physical exercise can also help individuals in either the prevention of excessive weight gain or in maintaining their weight loss. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Significance of Regular Exercise in the Maintenance of a Healthy Term Paper - 1.
(The Significance of Regular Exercise in the Maintenance of a Healthy Term Paper - 1)
The Significance of Regular Exercise in the Maintenance of a Healthy Term Paper - 1.
“The Significance of Regular Exercise in the Maintenance of a Healthy Term Paper - 1”.
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