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Out of Area Treatments in Mental Health: The Leeds Experience by Jeremy Pritlove - Case Study Example

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This paper "Out of Area Treatments in Mental Health: The Leeds Experience by Jeremy Pritlove" sheds some light on the Leed’s experience of treating mentally ill patient out of their locality and complication surrounding this treatment pattern…
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Out of Area Treatments in Mental Health: The Leeds Experience by Jeremy Pritlove
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Extract of sample "Out of Area Treatments in Mental Health: The Leeds Experience by Jeremy Pritlove"

Download file to see previous pages Even though the article is vividly explaining the pros and cons of out of area treatment, the professional standard of the article is in question. (thesis)

As the article moves to the issue of out of area treatment in Leeds, it points out the study and research conducted by independent health monitoring group during the period 2004 and 2008.Further the article also provides statistics about the number of patients send outside Leeds for mental health treatment. According to Pritlove (2012,pg. 2) “Over the six years studied, the number of patients sent outside Leeds for inpatient psychiatric treatment increased by a factor of eight, from 23 in the first12-month period to 196 in the last 12-month period”. Moreover the personal and financial cost involved in the “out of area treatment” is also discussed in the article. The writing also reveals the reason behind the practice of out of the area treatment and what is the future plan of Leeds Mental health department.

The article which is “Out of the area treatment in Mental health” by Pritlove is retrieved from web in a pdf format. The article is presented with different headings and the defect of the article is that there is absence of introduction and conclusion as a section. This makes the article look unprofessional and unstructured. Moreover, the article which is structured with various headings fails to project organization and order. Apart from this the article lacks abstract and also background information about the author. The paragraphs of the writing are also broken into short ones which take off the richness of the information delivered. Above all, the article only concisely reveals information about the subject in the foremost paragraph.

As a positive aspect, the article does showcase the rationale behind the implementation of “out of area treatment” by Leeds hospital in further end of it.  ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Out of Area Treatments in Mental Health: The Leeds Experience by Case Study.
“Out of Area Treatments in Mental Health: The Leeds Experience by Case Study”.
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