Systematic Reviews and Treatment Guidelines of Mental Health Problems - Coursework Example

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Depression is a problem of mental health condition which gains popularity with more and more people worldwide due to different, often common, reasons. This condition may have different consequences in every particular case: it may be either easily overcome or it may lead to…
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Systematic Reviews and Treatment Guidelines of Mental Health Problems
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Download file to see previous pages Depression is a mental health problem which is characterized primarily by depressed emotional condition of the person, negative thinking and loss of interest and being reluctant to many things, including those previously enjoyed. The symptoms of this mental health problem differ among individuals, but there are some that are quite common and make it possible to state that the problem is namely depression. Such symptoms include: constant feeling sad, anxiety, feeling of ‘emptiness’; hopelessness, pessimistic thinking; feeling helpless, worthless and/or guilty, irritation of higher degree that previous, unrest; no pleasure from the activities which have previously brought one; loss of stamina; concentration, memory and attention difficulties; problems with sleep (either early or late awakening); problems with appetite; suicide considerations and even attempts; pains and aches. (NIMH, 2015). It is difficult to clearly define what the reasons for the depression emergence are, but the findings of the scientific researches on this topic state that there are three main types of reasons which cause this mental health problem: social, biological and psychological. Social reasons, obviously, are the reasons related to the individual’s social functioning, namely its failure: being unable to develop proper social skills and failure of relationships establishing with the other members of society. Biological reasons are related to the peculiarities of the brain of individuals who have depression: it is stated that their brains are different from those of the persons not subjected to depression. Psychological reasons, finally, are those related to psychological peculiarities of the patients with the depression. (NIMH, 2015). It is also reported that two-thirds of those people who have depression do not consider it necessary to seek for proper treatment; in the same time, 80 per cent of the patients who have done this state that their condition has improved ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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