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The Attitude of York University Students With Regard To Medical Transplant and Organ Donation - Research Paper Example

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This research was undertaken to investigate how students in York University perceive medical transplants and organ donations. The main objective of the research is to investigate the incidence of organ transplantation in the United States of America…
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The Attitude of York University Students With Regard To Medical Transplant and Organ Donation
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Extract of sample "The Attitude of York University Students With Regard To Medical Transplant and Organ Donation"

Download file to see previous pages Chapter one of the study included the background of the study, statement of the problem, the purpose of the study, study objectives, research questions, significance of the study, limitations of the study, scope of the study, assumption of study and definition of terms. Chapter two of the study offers an outline of medical transplants and organ donations. These ideas are going to introduce key concepts and understandings that link to the purpose and field of research. Chapter three describes the research design that provides information regarding the population of the study, sample size and sampling procedure, instrumentation, data collection, and data analysis techniques. Chapter four deals with data presentation and analysis; after data collection, the data was recorded. This data was interpreted and analyzed in order to draw varied conclusions from it, and gather meaningful information. Chapter five illustrates the summary of findings based on the analysis and interpretation of the data gathered.
Organ transplantation refers to the surgical removal of one or many organs from one person (the donor) to place it into the body of another person (the recipient) commonly for medical reasons. In most cases, the donated organs are derived from dead people, but in some times, these organs can be removed from living beings (Ballard, 2009). Commonly transplanted organs are the liver, kidney, pancreas, intestines, heart, liver and lungs. Commonly transplanted tissues include the middle ear, skin, bone, heart valves, tendons, ligaments, stem cells, blood, platelets, cartilage, and the cornea. The need for organ transplantation in the US and in the world as a whole has continued to rise in the recent past. Numbers of those needing OT in the USA, and in the world, in general, have continued to rise, even exceeding the available donors for this procedure. The shortage is so massive that, approximately 20 OT patients die daily due to the afore-mentioned shortage. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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(The Attitude of York University Students With Regard To Medical Research Paper, n.d.)
The Attitude of York University Students With Regard To Medical Research Paper.
(The Attitude of York University Students With Regard To Medical Research Paper)
The Attitude of York University Students With Regard To Medical Research Paper.
“The Attitude of York University Students With Regard To Medical Research Paper”.
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