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Organ Donation - Research Paper Example

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This paper will encourage people to be engaged in organ donation after their death because of several reasons. One would make no mistake, suggesting that living in the society should be considered to be an irreplaceable element for the development of the human potential. …
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Organ Donation
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Download file to see previous pages First and most of all, one the most important implications that organ donation has is saving life. Indeed, if one takes a brief look at the statistics, one will be able see that the good which can be done is tremendous. For example, a single organ that is extracted from the body of a person who is dead is able to safe eight people (“All About Donation”). This is quite an astonishing statistics since given the number of organs that a person is able to donate after death, one single person may save up to fifty people. It is rather obvious that a death of a single person is a tragedy, but if it is able to result the continuation of lives of numerous people, the former gains a new sound to it. That is why a person who donates one’s organs as basically a hero who saves many lives.
Another point which should be noted is that the issues of organ donation and saving lives might be viewed from a rather surprising point of view. Thus, one can hardly disagree that life is the best gift that a person can receive. However, in the course of out daily routine people tend to forget about it and that being alive for granted. Moreover, the ability to give life is largely thought to be mystical and is often attributed to deities. In addition to that, if a person could chose what one would like to receive as the ultimate gift, one would definitely choose being immortal. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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